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According to researches by the adsmember team
Application Link: Telegram Group Official Link: Legal Authorization White Paper: 1. Register for the best investment product in 2021, register to get 1000 trx and provide stable mining income. And the login password and security password, be sure to save it, the forgotten account will not be recovered, and the wealth of the account will be lost. Permanent withdrawal limit: Deposit 5-29999trx daily withdrawal 2.5% Deposit 30000-199999trx daily withdrawal 3% Deposit 200000-499999trx daily withdrawal 4% Deposit 500000-999999trx daily withdrawal 5% Deposit 1,000,000 or more TRX, withdraw 8% per day The higher the deposit back, the faster the daily withdrawal limit, Total deposit *% = Daily withdrawal amount 2. join the official telegram group, if you have any questions, you can ask the administrator of the group 3. Mining income (daily income = basic account total * 6%) 4. Real-time recharge demo steps: buy TRX, recharge trx on the platform, click recharge to complete Demonstration steps of real-time withdrawal: withdraw to private wallet or exchange, sell trx for local currency 5. (Underlined) Share the link demo, then show the copy link to share with various social software, so that users Upper-level users know how to share the invite link. and the benefits of promotions (Team Registration Reward: Level 1 30TRX, Level 2 20TRX, Level 3 10TRX) The team registration reward is issued to the base account, and the daily withdrawal from the base account is based on the total recharge amount (Team recharge commission: Level 1 10% TRX, Level 2 5% TRX, Level 3 2% TRX) Team recharge rewards are distributed in the promotion account, and there is no limit to withdrawal from the promotion account. .


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very nice investment site ?

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most valuable site

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