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Anonymous Instagram story viewer, What do you think about this sentence? Do you think it is possible? Did you know that there is a possibility that allows you to watch Instagram stories anonymously? Here is the best place rt find all the answers to these questions and also we would offer some methods to view stories as an anonymous user.

Instagram stories are so attractive or better to say they are really tempting to see them. By visiting each story, the user ID is registered in the list of viewers. There are times when we want to see the stories as an anonymous person. Has this situation happened to you? If so, this article can be a good guide for you.

In adsmember we will have a full walkthrough which could lead you to the right spot where you can anonymously check out other users’ stories without leaving any trace of yours. So let’s dive deeper.

Who Is Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer?

By now, you may be triggered to get a full aspect of who can be an anonymous story viewer. These kinds of people are the ones who are willing to view other users’ stories. They do not want their identity to be known though.

Who Is Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer?

In case you want to take a look at others’ stories as an anonymous user, you could do so, however, keep in mind that you can only and only view stories of a public account. There are many intentions behind the fact that someone views another user’s account story anonymously.

One could be for marketing purposes. There are some business brands on Instagram who want to peruse their competitors and see what they are after and what they do to be seen better and have a higher sale rate. For whatever the reason is, there are some ways to view others’ stories anonymously.

How To Be An Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer?

You know that business use Instagram stories a lot but how to view Instagram stories anonymously? Depending on what device you want to use, there are a couple of ways out there that makes you able to view a story on basis of a user that has never seen that story.

Check out the methods below to get more insight, but before trying, make sure that your targeted account you want to see its story, is public not a private one.

  1. Use airplane mode on your smartphone

One of the easiest ways is to set your mobile on airplane mode. To know how to follow the below guide.

How To Be An Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer?

  • Find the user’s account which you want to see its story
  • If you see an orange circle that moves around the user’s profile picture it means he placed a story. The movement of this circle means that the story is being downloaded for you.
  • Now that you realized that he posted a story, just wait for some seconds until that circle’s movement stops.
  • Once that happened, turn your airplane mode on
  • Now tap on the user’s story
  • When you finished watching his story, exit the application and close it

Note that if you own an android device, applications won’t be closed once you close them on the recent apps section. You need to long-press on the Instagram icon and the opened page, tap Force Stop.

  1. Try using Storiesig.net

If you are thinking about viewing a user’s story on your personal computer, then you can use Storiesig.net services.

  • Open Storiesig.net and create an account
  • Then log into your account
  • Now search the user’s ID you want to view his story anonymouslyhow to watch Instagram stories anonymously?

By using this website, not only you can be an anonymous Instagram story viewer, you could also download the story as well. How fun is that!

  1. By Using Story Saver

If you own an android device, you can get a chance to install a third-party app called Story Saver. To install this app, head over to your Google Play and download it from there. Once downloaded:

  • Sign up as a new user
  • Log into your account
  • Search for the Instagram user you want to view his story anonymously

Bear in mind that if you are checking a user’s story who has already blocked you, this method won’t be of any use.

  1. Create a new account

This method could be of great use because there is no complicated process involved. The only thing you need to do is to create an all-new, Instagram account. Once you do that, tap the search bar of Instagram and type in the user’s account you want to see his/her story. That’s all it takes!

how to be an anonymous Instagram story viewer?


What Are The Best Apps To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously?

To some extent, yes! There are plenty of other third-party apps just like the ones mentioned above. Applications like Story Reposter for iPhone users and Blind Story for Android users.

On PC, you can try the Anon IG Viewer website too. Alongside all of the items above, you could try these applications too. We should also alert you not to use your Instagram ID on any of the mentioned applications to create an account.

These apps may use malware or spyware to penetrate your smartphone and steal your personal information.


All Instagram users are interested to know is there a way to see Instagram stories anonymously? Fortunately yes. In this text, we have fully explained all the tricks and methods to view Instagram stories as anonymous users.

By the way, if there are other ways to be an anonymous Instagram story viewer, let us know in the comment section below.

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