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The blue tick on Instagram is a sign of confirmation of the official recognition of the page. If you are also looking to increase the revenue of your page by earning credit, you should get the blue tick on Instagram. I am a member of the adsmember team and want to be on your side until you get the answers to the following questions:

  1. How do you get a blue tick on Instagram?
  2. How many followers do you need to get a blue tick on Instagram?
  3. Is Instagram blue tick paid?
  4. What is Instagram blue tick
  5. Why does the blue tick on Instagram matter?
  6. Does buy Instagram likes help you get a blue tick?

What Is Instagram Blue Tick?

You must have seen that next to the account name of some users, especially those who are famous, there is a blue tick. But have you ever wondered why is it important?

The blue tick indicates the validity and formality of a page and indicates that this account has been approved by Instagram. Accounts that have a blue tick are called Verified Badge, meaning a page that has been recognized.

Why Does The Blue Tick On Instagram Matter?

Instagram is a network with millions of active users. Many celebrities such as artists and athletes are also present. Naturally, it is difficult to distinguish the main page of these people from the fake pages, created by their followers.

For this reason, to protect the security of its users, Instagram decided to offer a feature called blue Tick. Pages that have a large number of followers and are popular will confirm their credibility by checking this page, and their page will be easily recognizable among the hundreds of similar pages that have been created for them.

How do you get a blue tick on Instagram?

How To Get An Instagram Blue Tick?

There is no limit to sending a request to receive a blue tick on Instagram, and anyone can submit this request.

In general, getting a blue Instagram tick consists of three steps, which are explained in detail below:

Submit your request

The first step is to go to your Instagram app, go to Settings, and select Request Verification.

Confirm your identity

At this stage, you must send the required documents that show the accuracy of your information. Documents such as your photo, your identity card, etc. Do not worry, this information is completely secure and no one will have access to it.

Approve or reject the request

After the request is sent to Instagram, the program will start reviewing and send you the result of the request. Your application may not be accepted due to incomplete documentation, in which case you can resubmit your application within 30 days of rejection.

What are the requirements to receive a blue tick?

Certainly not every user can get a blue tick. Receiving this tick has special conditions, which are first measured by Instagram and if confirmed, the blue tick will be sent.

A page must meet the following conditions:

  • Originality and identity:

It must be proven to Instagram that you are not a normal user. This means that you are someone who has a large number of followers and your confirmation also helps the credibility of the page.

Accounts of artists, athletes, influencers, and big brands are a good option to get a blue tick.

  • being special:

Pages that publish duplicate content or those that do not have valuable content cannot be checked.

To get a tick, you have to be special. For example, searching for an artist’s name on Instagram will find a large number of pages. All of them are fake except for one, which is managed by the artist himself.

Certainly, Instagram does not send blue tick for fake pages in any way, and the only page that can receive this tick is the artist’s home page.

  • Public account:

Private accounts cannot receive a blue tick, and one of the most important conditions is that the account is public.


  • Significance:

The more an account is considered, the better the chances of receiving a blue tick. Remarkable accounts mean that their content is required and they receive a lot of likes and comments.

  • Completion of profile:

Instagram profile account must be completed. That is, it should have a suitable photo and the required information should be written in the bio.

How many followers do you need to get a blue tick on Instagram?

How To Increase The Chances Of Getting  Blue Tick On Instagram?

If you decide to send a request for getting a blue tick, you need to read these conditions beforehand, do them to increase the chances of getting a blue tick.

  • Increase real followers:

The number of followers per page has always been important. As we said in previous articles, increasing the number of followers helps to increase the credibility of the page. That shows the importance of buy real Instagram followers.

To get a blue tick, the higher the number of followers on your page, the more successful your page will be in terms of Instagram algorithms, and the more likely you are to get a blue tick.

  • Do not put irrelevant links in the Instagram bio:

Studies have shown that if the link to other social pages is placed in the bio, the request to receive a blue tick will not be accepted.

  • Increase interaction with followers:

The more interaction you have with users and followers, the more likes and comments you will receive. As a result, when Instagram evaluates your page, it identifies your page as credible and reliable, which has a great impact on increasing the chances of getting a blue tick.

  • Increasing the number of fake accounts

You may be an artist or a Instagram blogger and well-known person who has created a lot of fake pages on Instagram for you. But if the number of these pages is small, you can create several pages yourself.

You may be surprised, but the reason is that when you request to get a tick, you also introduce these fake pages, to prove to Instagram that you are real and you need to be different from other fake pages.

  • Follow Instagram rules:

Instagram has set rules that are mandatory for all users of this network. For information on these rules, you can read the Instagram rules article to make proper use of this social network.

Know these rules and follow them. Because if you violate, you will have trouble getting a blue tick.

Why does the blue tick on Instagram matter?

Who Can Get Blue Tick On Instagram?

Certainly, if you are a regular user with a small number of followers, you can not get the blue Instagram tick, because both Instagram does not agree with this request and you do not need it. Most people who have this tick are in one of the following groups.

  • Celebrities

A celebrity is someone very popular and has a lot of credibility and value with users. Artists, actors, athletes, Instagram influencers fall into this category.

Receiving a blue tick helps these people to easily recognize their Instagram page.

  • Public institutions

Many news sites have a scientific page on Instagram and provide the necessary information through it. These pages must be different from other similar pages on Instagram.

For example, BBC NEWS which is one of the most famous news websites, is active on Instagram, but a large number of fake pages have been created for it. Users will not be able to identify the home page unless it has a blue tick.

  • Reputable brands

They are reputable brands that are known all over the world and have many fans. Because these brands are popular, their names may be misused. That’s why Instagram agrees to receive a blue tick to make them recognizable.

Getting a blue tick on Instagram means gaining an identity. At the end of this article, we conclude that it is not difficult to get a blue tick if you know the basics. If you have a question about what the blue tick is and why it is important, read this article to the end.

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