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Roman Ionov
Roman Ionov
9 months ago

LP reacted d ryt way, she is need of over drama, or over consider ations. She don't deserve *considerationsh. Lp ΰ΄ͺറഞࡍഞ ΰ΄ͺࡋലࡆ,, ΰ΄œΰ΅€ΰ΄΅ΰ΄Ώΰ΄€ΰ΄‚ ΰ΄€ΰ΅ΰ΄Ÿΰ΄™ΰ΅ΰ΄™ΰ΄Ώΰ΄―ΰ΄²ΰ΅ΰ΄²ΰ΅‡ ഉളࡍളࡁ, ΰ΄ͺΰ΄ ΰ΄Ώΰ΄•ΰ΅ΰ΄•ΰ΄Ÿΰ΅ΰ΄Ÿΰ΅†.

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