What program do you use to send media to your friends?

Send And Receive Media In TelegramĀ is the first choice of many users.

This popular and smart social network can send a variety of photos or videos of different sizes.

Perhaps one of the most important reasons for choosing this program as one of the best tools for sending and receiving media is its high speed.

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Why Send And Receive Media In Telegram?

Why Send And Receive Media In Telegram?

Before we talk about the methods of sending or receiving files in Telegram, it is better to say why Telegram should be chosen to send different types of media.

How To Send Media In Telegram For Android Or iPhone?

If you have a business on Telegram and want to send any type of uncompressed image file, follow these steps:

How To Send Uncompressed Photo Or Video In Telegram?

To send image files in uncompressed mode, you must do the following:

How To Send Media With Via Telegram Desktop?

If you are using the desktop version of Telegram and you want to send the file, you should get help from the following guide.

How To Send Video In Telegram?

The quality of each video is directly related to its size.

If you want to send a large video file, you need to make changes to it before sending it.

Interestingly, you can even choose to send part of the video.

To send a video in Telegram, you must do the following steps in order:

How To Send Media As File In Telegram?

If you do not want the quality of your submitted photos to decrease or you want to send a file in other formats such as PDF, Excel, Word, you can use the ability to send a telegram file.

To send a photo or video as a file, you must do the following:

What Is The Max File Size for Transfers via Telegram?

Recently, the size of files sent in Telegram has increased and users can send files that have a maximum size of 2 GB.

This feature is unparalleled compared to other similar social networks like WhatsApp.


Telegram is unique not only for sending media files but also for sending a variety of audio and text files.

This article is a good guide to understand how to send and receive media in Telegram in Android Telegram or iPhone.

Do you also use the ability to send and receive media in Telegram?