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The change ownership for Telegram channel is not a strange thing, because you may have to do it one day for various reasons. So it is important to know how to transfer ownership of Telegram so that you can do it properly if necessary.

I am a member of the professional and expert team of the adsmember and want to be with you until the end of this article to provide you with everything you need to know about the change ownership for Telegram channel. Here is a concise summary be with me to know:

  1. What does the change ownership for Telegram channel mean?
  2. Why might a transfer of ownership of Telegram occur?
  3. How to Change Ownership For Telegram Channel?
  4. Change ownership for Telegram channel or buy Telegram accounts for a new start?
    A Brief History About Transferring  The Ownership Of  A Channel

Who Is The Owner Of The Telegram Channel And What Are His Duties?

Before we talk about how to transfer the owner of Telegram, it is better to know who is the owner of the Telegram channel?

If you are a member of the popular Telegram program, you must be familiar with two special features of this program, namely channel, and group. As you know, the Telegram channel consists of the main owner who is in charge of directing and managing it and several members.

There is no limit to the type of content produced or the number of members each channel must-have. This means that a channel can publish posts in any field it is interested in and add as many members as it likes.

The management and guidance of each channel are the responsibility of its owner. But some channels are so large that one person can not manage them alone, so in addition to the main manager, one or more other people called admins help manage the channel and publish content.

But for whatever reason, one day the main owner of the channel may want to step down. It is in this case that the management of the channel is entrusted to another person. The reason why this happens and how to change the owner of the channel is stated in the continuation of the article.

A Brief History About Transferring  The Ownership Of  A Channel

Until recently, to transfer ownership of a channel, ownership of the original owner’s phone number had to be transferred to the new manager.

But this issue caused problems, so a great and easier way was provided by the Telegram program itself. A way that there is no need to transfer numbers and buying and selling Telegram channels is done easily and quickly.

How To Change Ownership For Telegram Messenger Channel?

If for any reason you have decided to transfer ownership of your channel to someone else, you should follow the below steps.

but pay attention that how to change the ownership of the Telegram channel is different according to different devices, which is explained in more detail below.

Change Ownership For Telegram Channel With The Help Of A Phone

If your phone’s operating system is Android or iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Subscribe the new owner to your channel.
  • Then go to “Administrator” and tap Add Admin option. By doing this, you have selected the new owner as an admin. But your work is not over yet.
  • Tap Add New Admins and enable it.(If this option is enabled, its color will change to blue)
  • The Transfer Channel Ownership button will be active. Tap on it.
  • Ownership of your channel has been transferred and you no longer own it.
    What Are The Types Of Change Ownership For Telegram Channel?

Change Ownership For Telegram Channel With The Help Of Desktop

Users who have Telegram installed on their computer must follow the below steps to change the owner of the channel.

  • Tap the channel name and go to its settings.
  • Go to the channel admins section and add the person you want as admin.
  • Allow him access to all parts of the channel.
  • Tap transfer channel ownership.
  • Channel ownership has been completed and you are no longer the channel manager and owner.

What Are The Types Of Change Ownership For Telegram Channel?

The transfer of ownership of Telegram is in two ways, either permanent or temporary.

Temporary Transfer

Temporary transfer means that the original owner is present in the channel and monitors the activities that take place in it, but to respond regularly and better manage, he has decided to add several admins to the channel to help him manage the channel.

Permanent Transfer

But in the transfer of permanent ownership, a channel is completely transferring and the previous owner no longer has access to the channel management and can only be a member of this channel as a normal user.

What Are The Reasons For Change Ownership For Telegram Channel?

The answer to this question depends on several reasons. Since man is constantly changing, he may one day make this decision for whatever reason.

In general, the most important reasons for changing a channel manager are:

  • Withdrawal from activity in the Telegram channel

Most likely, you have created a channel to sell products in Telegram or you have a Telegram selling group, but now, for reasons such as not having enough time to operate, you have decided to transfer your channel.

  • Sell ​​channels for profit

Some Telegram channels have a large number of members, so they are considered a successful and highly productive channel and many users want to buy the ownership of this channel.

The owner of the channel also knows that he will make a good profit by selling and transferring the ownership of the channel, so he will transfer it.

  • Activity in another field

You may have created a channel with any purpose many years ago. You have spent time producing content and attracting a large number of members.

But now, for various reasons, such as choosing another job, do not have enough time to take care of your Telegram channel. So the best way is to transfer ownership to someone else.

Can The Ownership Of Telegram Groups Also Be Transferred?


What Channels Can Change Ownership For Telegram Channel?

Ownership of all channels in Telegram can be transferred. Sometimes this transfer is free and sometimes with payment.

Channels that are sold are considered in terms of the following factors:

  • Number of members
  • Number of posts viewed
  • Type of content produced
  • The degree of authenticity of the members
  • The purpose of the channel

Certainly, the more members and views a channel has, the more valuable that channel is and the higher its price.

Can The Ownership Of Telegram Groups Also Be Transferred?

Yes, just as you can transfer ownership of a Telegram channel to another person whenever you want, the same is true for Telegram groups.

The method of transferring ownership in groups is similar to what was said for the channel, ie you have to refer to the group settings to be able to access the change of management.

Last Words About Change Ownership For Telegram Channel

You can do change ownership for Telegram channel to anyone at any time. This article is written by adsmember to guide users and owners of Telegram channels and provides ways you can quickly change ownership for Telegram channel.

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