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We have good news for you and we want to explain one of the newest and most up-to-date Instagram features which is Chronological Feed.

Until now, Instagram algorithms were determined the basis on which posts should be displayed first. According to this algorithm, the posts are displayed in the order of the number of likes, comments, and the amount of popularity they have been able to gain.

In addition, users will see the posts of pages that interact with them more. But this algorithm was not to the taste of all users, so the owner of this program introduced a new feature, and that is the Chronological Feed. To know more about this feature be with adsmember.

What Is The History Of Instagram Feed Feature?

What Is The History Of Instagram Feed Feature?

This feature was first introduced on 2016, and according to it, the latest posts were displayed first. After a while, algorithms were determined. These algorithms took these other factors into account to display the post.

According to these factors, the posts of the pages that the user interacts with the most and lime or cant their posts were displayed earlier. But users were still not satisfied. So this feature still needed to be updated.

What Is Chronological Feed?

According to Adam Mosseri, the final version of this feature will be unveiled on 2022. The creators of this program are always promising, so you can be sure that this feature will be available to all users soon.


There are now three options in this feature:

  1. Home:

Posts are displayed according to Instagram algorithms. This means that the posts you like the most are prioritized.

  1. Favorites:

As the name implies, the posts you are most interested in are given priority to be displayed.

You always see the posts of your friends and family, there are some educational pages that you always follow their posts with interest or even save some of their posts, so the posts related to these accounts, first in the Instagram feed. You are displayed.

  1. Following:

 Selecting this option sets the category of displayed posts based on when they were sent.

What Is Chronological Feed?

Conclusion ?

Instagram is one of those programs that always tries to provide features according to the needs of its audience. In the latest update of this program, a feature has been provided that users can determine how the posts will be displayed.

The head of Instagram unveiled the Chronological Feed feature in a video on YouTube. Want to know what this feature is? Read this article. What do you expect from the creators of this program? What other features do you think should be added to this app?

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