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According to researches by the adsmember team

Telegram group official link:Legal authorization white paper:1. Investment projects: divided into 4 types ①When registering, you will get 1000 TRX, new user registration is successful, deposit at minus 5trx to activate the account. And the user can accumulate income of 6% of 1000trx per day. ②.TRX cloud mining (30 days) yield: (6%). ③. Each time you send a friend invite code for successful registration, you will receive 30 trx for the first level subordinate registration, 20 trx for the second level subordinate registration and 10 trx for the subordinate registration of third level. ④. Earn income by sharing links. Share your account registration link. Invite your friends to participate in mining (with your invitation code). You can recommend it to your friends or share it on facebook, twitter, telegram groups and other social software, and earn in this way. 10% of the top-up amount at the first level that will go to your promotional wallet (you can withdraw all at once) Level-2 5%, Level-3 2%. For example, if your top level user deposits 1000TRX, you can get 100TRX as commission reward, and the top level commission return rate is 10%. If your second level user deposits 1000TRX, you can get 50TRX commission reward, and the second level commission return rate is 5%. If your third level user deposits 1000TRX, you can get 20TRX commission reward, and the third level commission return rate is 2%. The more referral invitations, the more rewards, unlimited! Use the money from the promotion account to activate your contract. When you develop a certain number of people, you can officially apply to the company for overseas marketing positions with fixed salaries and benefits. Real and reliable financial operations and management in the cloud TRX, has obtained the global certification of digital currency transactions. Learn more about this source and additional translation information(


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Bunmi Veronica
Bunmi Veronica
1 year ago

When did they start

Tiktok Football Videos
Tiktok Football Videos
1 year ago

Hey bruh
I'm a subscriber and turned on bell notification…..
Can you help with some trx?
God bless you

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