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What’s a telegram poll and how to Create a poll on telegram?

As you know telegram has been popular among people on social media and everyone uses it daily there are a lot of fun options like entertainment groups and channels, new voice chat options, bots, polls, and…
One of the new ones is polls
so what is a telegram poll and how to create a poll on telegram
The poll actually is a useful way for telegram channel or group admins to ask and get feedback from the members of the group/channel.for example if you want to buy a car you ask members to help you.
You ask a question and you’ll choose some options for members to choose
Admin will send a poll and members will see some topics to vote and the poll will show you how much others like your choice and other choices.
So if you are confused About something you can ask in this way

we want to create a poll on telegram what should we do?

Step 1-at first you should open the telegram app and there is a point: you can’t send polls in private it has to be in some channel or group.

Step 2-for To create a poll on telegram you should tap poll

Step 3- write down your questions to create a telegram poll

Step 4-write down your options to create a telegram poll (you can type 10 options)

Step 5- send your poll to the group/channel The poll results can be seen by every Telegram user. If the “Anonymous voting” option is not enabled in the poll settings, then any user can see who and how voted
You can stop members voting whenever you want and you can hide the result if you don’t like the members to see the result and you can add 2 to 10 options for voting.
If you vote for something accidentally or you wanna change your vote you can change immediately You should first tap on the poll and hold for a second then you should tap “retract vote”
If you had problems sending the poll first be sure that your telegram app has been updated lately, if it’s not updated you can update it and try again
Imagine you wanna ask members a question to know they know the correct answer or not and this way you should turn on quiz mood
what is quiz mode?
for example, I wanna know how much my members know me I will ask them what’s my favorite color? I should write down more than one option and one of them should be correct then members should guess the correct answer and if they choose wrong or correct answer poll will tell them which was correct and which one wasn’t.and, when quiz mood is on you, can’t change your answer(it doesn’t have to retract vote option)

is the best way to get the members to feedback and know about their opinion
This was an easy way to create a telegram poll

The best way to know how to create a poll on Telegram

There are different methods to create a poll on Telegram; you may create a poll to your channel additionally you could use a Telegram bot to create a poll.

So in this article of the Adsmember SMM panel, we will talk about how you can create a poll on Telegram fast and easily, so if you have a Telegram group or channel and you want to have a poll too, keep reading.

Both the methods are easy to create a poll on Telegram

Immediately forwards steps to create a poll the use of Telegram bot; -> Open Telegram bot poll -> starts a bot -> input your question -> input the options as guided by using the bot-> and poll is created.

Directly forwards steps to create a poll on channel; -> tap Pin -> Select Poll -> Set the name/query for poll -> point out options for your question -> select additional settings -> you’ve got created a poll.

Can we create a poll on Telegram?

Yes, we can create polls on Telegram and there are ways to create a poll; create a poll from the channel or group and using a Telegram bot.

If you don’t recognize how to make a poll on Telegram channels or groups, and using a Telegram bot then study the overall article.

Where Can I Create A Poll On Telegram?

On Telegram, you can only create a poll in channels and Telegram groups.

Both on the channel and group, it has similar steps to make a poll. Besides, you may also use a Telegram bot to create a poll at the Telegram app.

Both the methods are easy to create a poll on Telegram

Why you should create a poll on Telegram channels?

Polls on the Telegram channel can play a vital role to increase your subscribers- but how?

You may create a poll asking them about their tastes, hobby, what are the good and terrible things about your channel and you may get a chance to improve your channel in order that your subscribers will invite their friends to your channel because of the good surroundings and content material you share.

Why should you create a poll on Telegram groups?

Polls on the Telegram group let you make the right choice and find out a satisfactory solution to your problem.

Except you can use Telegram poll for entertainment purposes like; QnA, Quiz, Contest, Vote, e.t.c

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How to Create a Poll On Telegram | Channel, and Groups 2021

Creating polls on Telegram has smooth enough steps; each on channels and groups you could effortlessly create a poll following the identical steps;

  • Tap Pin
  • Pick out poll
  • Set the name for poll
  • And mention alternatives to your question
  • Pick out additional tinctures
  • You have got created a poll, revel in it!

create a poll on Telegram easily

But in relation to the device, you might locate it slightly specific; steps can be up and down.

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