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Telegram users can add as many as members they want to their Telegram app. But they want to know is it possible to delete Telegram contacts? Fortunately, the answer is yes. You can delete any contact from your contact list easily.

Here in adsmember we will teach you how to delete contacts on Telegram from Android iphone or pc. So join us.

How to Delete Telegram Contacts in 2022?

How to Delete Telegram Contacts in 2022?

The below rules are the instructions for all users whether they use Android or iPhone or even pc.

  1. Run the Telegram app on your phone.
  2. Select the three-line icon in the top left corner of the page that’s the main menu.
  3. Select the contact option.
  4. Select the contact you want to delete to be guided to its chat page.
  5. Tap on his/her name to see the contact information.
  6. Select the three dots icon in the top right corner.
  7. Select the delete option.
  8. In the appearing window tap and select the ok option.

With these steps, you can easily delete any of your contacts in Telegram. Unfortunately, it is not possible to delete multiple contacts in Telegram at the same time, so if you want to delete your contacts from your Telegram contact list, you must do all these steps one by one for each of your contacts.

Delete Telegram Contacts By iPhone

Ios users should follow the below guide to delete any contact from their contact list.

  1. Open Telegram app.
  2. Go to the contact bar on the left corner at the bottom of the menu.
  3. Then search or select the contact you want to delete.
  4. Now tap on their name to see their information.
  5. Now select the edit option.
  6. Go to delete contact at the bottom of the page.
  7. Confirm the deleting message.how to Delete Telegram Contacts By iPhone?

Delete contacts from Telegram desktop

  1. First, open Telegram on your laptop or computer.
  2. Click on the three-line icon in the upper left corner.
  3. Tap on contacts.
  4. Now select the person you want to delete.
  5. Tap on the name to see the person’s information.
  6. Now click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  7. Now select delete contact and it’s done.

Delete Telegram contacts by Telegram web

For deleting all your Telegram contacts, you can use the Telegram web version so if you want to use this option to delete all your contacts with these following steps you can do it easily:

  • Choose your browser and type web.Telegram.org.
  • Log in to your account with a QR code or log in by your phone number.
  • Now you have to click on the three-line in the upper right corner.
  • Now select contacts.
  • On this page, you have to tap on Edit in the upper right corner.
  • Now you can select all your contacts together.
  • Now click on the delete option.
  • Now you have to confirm that you want to delete all your contacts.

How Do I Delete A Lot Of Contacts At Once?

We have talked about top Telegram features, we can consider deleting Telegram contacts as one of the top features of this app.

If you want to delete all your Telegram contacts but you couldn’t use Telegram web, you can use your Telegram on your phone to delete all of your contacts so pay attention to these steps below:

  1. Open Telegram on your phone.
  2. Tap on three lines in the upper left corner.
  3. Select setting
  4. Now tap on privacy and security
  5. Now scroll to reach to the contact section
  6. Now you have to deactivate the delete synced contacts option

    How Do I Delete A Lot Of Contacts At Once?

By doing this action not only do you remove your contacts from your Telegram contacts list you also delete your contacts from your cellphones contacts list too.

Conclusion ?

There are some ways to delete your Telegram contacts whether one contact or several of them;

You can delete your contacts through the web version, Telegram desktop version, or your mobile version (android or iOS) you can also disable the synced contact option to avoid deleting all your contacts twice from your phone contacts list and your Telegram contacts list.

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