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We often view amazing interesting stories that we like to save for ourselves. But is it possible to download other users’ stories on Instagram?

Here on adsmember which is one of the best and most up-to-date Instagram service providers for buy Instagram followers, and also providers of the most up-to-date blogs on how to use Instagram we want to talk more about ways for downloading Instagram stories.

You must have noticed at the beginning of the text that the subject of our discussion is how to download stories on Instagram.

You know that Instagram is one of the most popular social networks with millions of active users, so as a member of this program, we must know how to work with its various capabilities.

Instagram story is one of the attractions of this program, but many users are still not familiar with how to use it or its benefits. We’ve talked about this in detail in previous articles, but today we have a much more interesting discussion, On how to download Instagram stories? Ready to get started?

Is It Possible To Download Instagram Stories?

Is It Possible To Download Instagram Stories?

In 2016, a new feature was added to Instagram called Story. This feature quickly became popular among the people and its use is increasing every day.

Despite all the advantages, this feature was still not complete, because the stories were completely removed from the publication after the first 24 hours until a solution was proposed to solve this problem called Instagram highlight.

Since then, photos and videos published through stories have become many times more popular, and the question for all users is how to download Instagram stories?

How To Download Someone’s Instagram Stories And Save It?

Many of us use a method to save the fascinating story we have seen on Instagram, and that is taking a screenshot. But we can not use this method for videos that are published in the form of stories. So what do we do?

Join us step by step to find the best way.

Is It Possible To Download Instagram Stories?

Download Instagram stories for Android:

Android users can easily download and save all the photos and videos of Instagram stories, just download the story saver program before starting work, and follow the steps below in order:

1.     Join this program and create an account.

2.     After joining, enter your Instagram username and password.

3.     A new window will open, displaying the list of users you follow on Instagram who has now posted a story.

4.     You can download and save a shared story by tapping the published stories icon.

Download Instagram stories for iPhones:

IOS users, like Android users, can use the story saver program.

You must first download this program and become a member.

Enter your Instagram account information and enter the program.

The list of users who have shared a story is displayed, you can download it by tapping on any story.

how to Download Instagram stories for desktop?

Download Instagram stories for desktop:

Some users have the Instagram app installed on their desktop, so how to download stories is different.

1.     It is recommended to open the Chrome browser to start working and follow the below steps.

2.     First, download the Chrome IG Story plugin and install it on your Chrome browser.

3.     Log in to your Instagram account.

4.     All the stories of the users you follow are displayed, whether you’ve not seen them yet or stories you’ve visited before.

5.     You can download all the stories of an account at the same time, just right-click on it and select the option to download stories.

6.     You can also download only one story, just right-click on the same story and tap on the download option.


Instagram stories are one of those features that can not be ignored and are effective in attracting the attention of users and customers. Therefore, they are carefully selected to be attractive.

All users can easily download and save stories that are funny or useful or have any other topic. This text is written for how to do this and is a good guide for Android, iPhone, and desktop users.

Which method do you use to download Instagram stories?

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