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Drip Telegram Casual Voice Chat -adsmember

Chasing Financial Freedom 10:00 am Comment

According to researches by the adsmember team

Bergabunglah dengan Tim Drip Bravo: drip.community/faucet?buddy=0xaaF8A57f531726bE01c58773F234F2a067696B4d Drip Buddy Address: 0xaaF8A57f531726bE01c58773F234F2a067696B4d


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Tom G
Tom G
1 year ago

telegram is the worst peace of shit on the planet

1 year ago

Pretty cool to listen to familiar voices in the Drip community!
Really enjoyed every topic, especially about fully cold Ledger/MM wallet.
On that, the dummy account is the hot seed phrase, which as the other account(s) is a separate seed phrase stored on your Ledger/Trezor. Meaning we have 2 seed phrases.
The way I see it is your Ledger is cold, except when you do an actual transaction, because you are asked to export it, which of course is short lived, so the only risk I see is if you are exporting to a scam link, which is why the preset tabs are useful on browser page.
Also, important to notice that the Ledger/MM setup only works with a brand new Ledger that has never been set up. Can't do it if you already created a seed phrase. At least that's what I have tried and discussed and haven't seen a eay around this.

In terms of Vpn's, could be interesting to have a discussion on Decentralised vpn's ( Dvpn) such as Mysterium for example.
No possible logs coming out is one nice feature. These are fairly new so Dyor.
Synced desktop and phone.
This can also be done through a Raspberry Pi computer.

Great content guys and gals!

1 year ago

Why is there no AF HYPE??? Forex is controlling the price. You calling that Defi?

1 year ago

FOREX/ELON?? Oh please stop it. Deceivers. PPL lost lotsa money in DRIP and AF and you guys pretend it never happened???

1 year ago

Best Alfa drop to date !

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