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Why Dual Telegram App Is A Special Gift To Users?

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The dual Telegram app is a good choice for users who are always concerned that their work messages are lost among other messages. If you have any questions about how to use different Telegram services visit the adsmember.

If you are a user who uses Telegram for business development or owns a small business and sells your products by setting up a group or channel, You know how hard it is to find customer messages among other personal messages and other channels.

One of the concerns of people like you is that their important messages are lost among other messages. To solve this problem Telegram has provided conditions for you to easily have two accounts in one copy of Telegram and manage them.

Due to the existence of features such as the dual Telegram app, it is the most popular social network among users. This network also provides the possibility of sending photos, videos, and that you can create your own accounts whenever you need.

How To Add A Second Account And Have A Dual Telegram App


For example, make one of them a business account and the other a personal account. With the help of the three different methods that are mentioned below, you can choose the best way to dual Telegram app.

The dual Telegram app is for you who want to separate your Telegram business space from its friendly and family space Remember that buy Telegram members will be very helpful for your online business promotion on Telegram. If you want to know how this is possible, stay with us until the end of the article.

What is the meaning of the Dual Telegram app?

That means using a Telegram application with two different accounts at the same time. You can have multi-account on Telegram on both android and ios. With a dual Telegram app, you can easily have two Telegram accounts.

How To Add A Second Account And Have A Dual Telegram App

To add another account, first log in to your Telegram app, then follow the steps below in order:

  • Go to the Account section
  • Tap Add account
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Enter the verification code that will be sent to you
  • Enter any other details you are asked to enter.

Your second account is ready and you can use it.

Benefits Of Having Two Accounts On Telegram As A Safe And Secure Way

By installing two accounts on the main version of Telegram, you can:

  • Have access to your business and be present in friendly and family groups easily.
  • It takes up less space on the phone
  • You can easily transfer from one account to another with one click
  • Using both accounts is completely freeĀ  and using Telegram backup for both of them
  • It does not slow down your mobile.

Is Creating A Second Account Free Or Using Dual Telegram app Free?

Yes, creating a second account is the same as the original version of Telegram, and you do not pay any fees for the facilities that Telegram provides for your use.

Special Feature For Android Phones To Have Dual Telegram app


Special Feature For Android Phones To Have Dual Telegram app

Phones with the Android operating system can copy exactly their messenger program such as Telegram and have two copies of it with the help of some software. Below is one example of these applications.

  • App Cloner:

Android phones must first download this app. After opening this app, select Telegram from the app section. In the box that appears, they can select how many copies are required. Then enter other details and click oK. You can easily get two copies of Telegram.

After the copy of Telegram is ready, you will see that the color of this program is different from the original version. You can also change its name. This program also has all the features of the original version.

The best suggestion for businesses is to make a copy of Telegram so that their business space in Telegram can be easily separated from the friendly and family space.

Use Dual Telegram App On The Desktop

Users who use the windows version of Telegram can also use multiple accounts at the same time with the help of two different methods that are mention below:

  • Telegram Web:

The Telegram web version is the same as the original desktop version. All you have to do is search for Telegram web with the help of one of the browsers. Then enter your phone number and enter the verification code that will be sent to you. Your Telegram web is ready.

  • Portable usage:

First, download the portable program. After downloading, copy it to a file. This program does not limit the number of accounts and you can create two or three or even more Telegram accounts.

What Is The Safest Way To Use More Than One Telegram Account Or Dual Telegram app?


How To Switch Between Dual Telegram app Account On The Desktop

With the help of what was mentioned above, you create several accounts in the desktop version of Telegram, but to move between Telegram accounts, you have to enter the name of the account you want and click to move from one account to another.

Can Two Or More Accounts Be Managed With One Number?

There is no way to have two or more accounts with one number at the same time. Each number is for one account.

But you can install two versions of Telegram with one number. You must be surprised how it is possible because it was said at the beginning of the article that it is not possible. Join us in the continuation of the article to get acquainted with the third way that you can have more than one Telegram accounts.

Using Unofficial Versions Of Telegram Is An Easy But Unsafe Way

The third way you can have more than one Telegram account with a common number is to use unofficial versions of Telegram. These applications are similar to Telegram, or in other words, they are a copy of it.

But we suggest that if you need to use two accounts, be sure to try one of the methods mentioned so far in this article. Because using unofficial versions of Telegram is not safe. User security is very important for the original version of Telegram, but all copies of Telegram have no guarantee against user information.

Do Not Use Unofficial Versions Of Telegram As A Way To Dual Telegram app

Because these unofficial versions do not protect the information of users in any way, and since Telegram users share their messages, photos, and videos with each other, there is no guarantee for the security and protection of this information.

If you are a business owner and your account information is transferred to this network, it is also important to avoid using unofficial versions.

What Is The Safest Way To Use More Than One Telegram Account Or Dual Telegram app?

Based on what has been said so far, what is your opinion? Which method do you use? The safest way is to create a second account on the original version to make sure all your information is secure. But be sure to update your Telegram to make this feature work for you.

Can Multiple Unofficial Versions Be Used At The Same Time?

Yes, you can install and use several unofficial versions of Telegram on your phone at the same time, or use them with the original version of Telegram. There are no restrictions on using unofficial versions. Their only drawback is the lack of security.

This article is a complete explanation about the dual account Telegram because all Telegram users may need more than one Telegram account at a time.

If you are a business owner or if you want to manage your Telegram app well and know about the dual Telegram app do not forget to read this article about Telegram.

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