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Why is it important to consider and calculate engagement rate on Instagram? Users might think that having a large number of followers alone can lead to success on Instagram, but the reality is something else, and in addition to the number of followers, some other factors are also effective.

The successful businesses that have developed on Instagram have had active followers, users who have been active on their page, and have increased the engagement rate, and that is what has made their business profitable.

All Instagram businesses should seek to increase the engagement rate on their page and most importantly know how to calculate it.

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What Is The Engagement Rate On Instagram?

What Is The Engagement Rate On Instagram?

Interaction on each page means the amount of participation and activity that users have had on your page.

This activity includes liking, commenting, saving, and even sharing the post.

The higher the number of interaction rates per page, the higher the success rate of that page. Because it shows that the content that is produced is useful and welcomed by users.

Why Engagement Rate On Instagram Is Important?

Determines the interaction rate of the credibility and popularity of each page. Businesses that can increase the engagement rate on their page can certainly succeed.

By calculating the engagement rate on your page, you can get a lot of information, including how useful the content posted on your page was.

If you have one of the high-paying jobs on Instagram you should have the attention to the engagement rate on your page, if this number is lower than you expected, you should increase the attractiveness and quality of the content produced, which is effective in the growth of your business.

How To Calculate The Engagement Rate On Instagram?

Calculating the amount of interaction on the page is very easy and certainly, any user can do it.

To calculate itself, Instagram has provided a tool for users called Insight, in addition, there are formulas for calculating the interaction rate.

Next, you will learn how to calculate the interaction of each activity on your page.

Followers the below interactions which are engagement rate formulas:

To find out how active the followers on your page are, you can gauge their participation.

The interaction of the followers of each page is proof of many things, such as how many real users and how many are fake.

How To Increase The Engagement Rate On Your Page?

The formula for calculating the interaction of followers with the page is:

Engagement = (Likes + Comments) / Followers x 100

Reach interaction rate and page views:

Rich on each page indicates the number of users who have visited your posts.

Pages looking to advertise on Instagram need to increase their page rank.

Well, to calculate your page engagement based on reach data, you should use this formula:

Engagement = (total engagement per your post) / reach per post x 100

But in addition to all these formulas, there is a general formula that you can use to calculate the interaction rate of all the activities that take place on your page.

Engagement = (Likes + Comments + shares) / total followers x 100

Well, now you know how to calculate the interaction rate, but you may be wondering how to increase user interaction.

How To Increase The Engagement Rate On Your Page?

Do you want to increase user engagement with the content you post? Follow the below instructions.

  • Generate relevant and useful content.
  • Publish at specific times.
  • Hold various polls and contests.
  • Reply to users’ comments and messages.
  • Use Instagram hashtags.

In addition to all this, buying Instagram services, such as buy Instagram followers, has a tremendous impact on both increasing the number of members and increasing the number of post views.

As a result, your posts are easily displayed in Instagram Explorer, and a large number of other real users are added to your page, so the followers’ interaction rate with the page increases. Exciting, isn’t it?

How To Calculate The Engagement Rate On Instagram?

Are There Website To Calculate The Engagement Rate On Instagram?

In addition to all the formulas provided, some websites also help you to find out how users interact with the page.

  1. Phlanx.com

A reference website for calculating how well users interact with the page on both Instagram and other social networks.

  1. Inbeat.co

If you want to advertise on one of the reputable pages where the user interaction rate is also high, it is better to first make sure that the user interaction tables are high. How?

Visit this website, enter the address of the page you want to provide free information about user engagement.


Instagram is not a typical social network, but a great tool for business development.

To grow your business and make money, you need to interact with users and measure their engagement.

This article is a complete guide to understanding why user engagement on the page is important and how you can calculate user engagement?

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