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Is It A Safe Way To Export Telegram chat?

The best way to Export Telegram Chat massages

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Export Telegram chat allows you to save all your Telegram conversations. This feature of Telegram causes you never forget the conversations you like. The article that you will read below is designed by the adsmember, which is one of the most reputable websites for providing Telegram services.

Since Telegram is a powerful and complete messenger, it is also considered the diary of all users. Because after the expansion of this network, it was able to be at the top of people’s communication channels with each other.

Users use Telegram to send messages, photos, videos and even make calls. But they are always worried about what will happen to these important messages if they want to delete their account and for example buy Telegram group members.

Surely you also have conversations in Telegram that you do not want to be deleted. These conversations may be reminiscent of fond memories of the past.

For some reason, you may decide to delete your Telegram account, but you can not do it because your messages are also deleted. Or you may want to delete all conversations at the end of the chat but try to make a backup before deleting. Is this possible? How can I save conversations first and then delete them? If you want to know the answers to these questions, read the rest of this article.

Possibility To Export Telegram Chat

It means save conversations or have a backup from it. There are several ways you can save and store your chats. We will explain all these steps to you.

Follow These Simple Ways To Export Your Chats

Telegram allows you to hidden chat in Telegram and saves conversations only through the desktop version of this program. But is there a solution for users who use Android or iOS? Yes, do not worry, we also offer methods for this group of users.

Is It A Safe Way To Export Telegram chat?

Export  Telegram Chat Mac

Export Telegram data via desktop is the most common way to store messages. Back up all private chats, group and channel chats, voice messages, photos, and videos with Telegram Desktop. But to know how to do this, follow the steps below to export Telegram chat mac or desktop:

  • Open the desktop version of Telegram
  • Go to Telegram settings
  • Tap Advanced
  • Select the Data and Storage option and tap Export Telegram data
  • In this step, you select any information you want to save. Choose the Telegram chat option.
  • Tap the export option. Your job is done.

Export Telegram Chat By Pdf

Android and iPhone users can use Web Telegram to back up their conversations in PDF format. They must first search the web using a Telegram browser. Then enter this program and after giving the contact number, enter the confirmation code that will be sent to them. Follow the steps below:

  • The Telegram chat page will open. You must select the chat that you want to save in PDF format
  • Open the chat page and tap on the three dots at the top of the page and select the PDF option.
  • Then you need to select the PDF file storage location and tap the Done option

      Export Chats Via Chrome Browser Plugin

You can search for save Telegram chat history in your Chrome browser and easily save your messages. Enter your Telegram and select the chat you want, and at the end, tap on the save as text option.

Export Telegram Chat To Excel

You can save your Telegram information such as chats first on the file and then transfer the data to Excel. The following steps are your guide in order.

  • Select the chat you want and transfer the messages to the JSON file.
  • Move and save messages from JSON file to CSV file
  • Everything stored in the file CSV can be implemented on Excel and readable.

 Use ikeyMonitor App To Export Telegram Chat Android

It is a popular software for backing up Telegram chats. Both iPhone and Android users can use this software. Below is how to use this program. Visit the iKeyMonitor website and register After registering, go to the Reports section and select the chat option In this step, go to your Telegram and select the messages you want to back up.

Export Chats With The Help Of Screenshot

Taking a screenshot that you are all familiar with is also one of the easiest ways you can save important Telegram information such as chat.

Why Is It Necessary To Export Telegram conversations?

Backing up your Telegram chats may not seem important at first, but it will be important to you one day. It has happened to all of us that we want to keep the conversations going forever.

Although Telegram is a very secure program and takes good care of our data, it is better to export Telegram messages that we think should not be read by others and then delete them so that no one can access these messages.

Also, if you own a Telegram store, that is, you have a channel or group, to be sure that you will not lose information about your customers, such as the contact number mentioned in your messages, be sure to back up your chats.

Is It A Safe Way To Export Telegram chat?

How To Export Telegram voice messages

An easy and safe way to save voice messages that you send or receive in Telegram is to save them on your phone. There are three dots next to each audio file that you can tap to save to your phone.

Is It A Safe Way To Export Telegram chat?

Yes, it is a completely secure method, because all this data is kept by you and no one else is supposed to access it. So, to save your messages safely, be sure to use a variety of methods to export Telegram chat. All of these methods are very simple and do not take more than a few minutes.

More Benefits About Export Telegram Chat

Most of us save a message in the Telegram itself when we want to have quick access to it and this is possible for all users. You may think that this alone is enough and we no longer need to save important messages separately. But you should know that this type of storage has no security and deleting your account will also delete these messages.

So it is better to look for safe methods. Export Telegram message has benefits that you read below.

  • It allows business owners to calmly focus on content production and enjoy using this program.
  • If you delete your account, you will no longer have to worry about losing messages.
  • You can still access your chats if Telegram suddenly becomes unavailable
  • You can save and delete chats that you do not want to be on your Telegram page.
  • You can transfer your chats to other applications such as WhatsApp.

The ability to support all types of information is one of the most important features of Telegram. If you want to delete a conversation or chat, or you want to delete your account, all your data will inevitably be lost, this is where backup comes in handy.

Export Telegram chat is currently only available in the desktop version, and by installing the latest version of this program, you can back up your chats on this site.

This article will guide you completely about export Telegram chat so that you can not worry about losing important information in your chats after reading this article. Our experts will always answer your questions.

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