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Export Telegram members

How to Export Telegram Members in a channel?

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Export Telegram members is a unique feature that makes Telegram shine among other social networks. The high security of this network along with its various features such as export Telegram members has made it still the most popular social media after years.

In this article, which is designed by the adsmember, we have tried to provide you with all the necessary information about export Telegram members.

What software do you use for messaging? How do you send photos and videos to your friend? Definitely 90% is that we use Telegram. As you see, this popular and powerful network has been able to attract many users and offers new capabilities to retain these users from time to time.

Don’t Worry About Losing Members Again Just Export Telegram Members

With the help of Telegram and Telegram services like buy Telegram account, you can send messages to your family and friends who are miles away from you in just a few seconds. Also, make voice or video calls with them whenever you want, day and night, and send them your photos and videos.

This popular network has a tremendous speed in messaging, which is why many Internet businesses have used the various features of this network, such as channels and groups, and expand their digital marketing. The goal of all competing groups in this network is to retain their audience and communicate with them under any circumstances.

What do you think is the main reason? Telegram groups and channels know that a member means a customer. They also know very well that they can earn money on Telegram as long as the members are present, so they are looking for a way to save their members so that if they happen. They have access to whatever happens. But is this possible?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. With the help of easy and accessible methods, all users can export Telegram members. For more information about the types of these methods, read the rest of the article.

How to Export Telegram Members in a channel?

The Meaning Of Export Telegram Members

Exporting means transferring important data and information to cards that can store this information. You can export all your Telegram information such as chat, contact, and member.

Ordinary users of Android iOS or Telegram Desktop or managers of different channels and groups of this network can all export members and hidden chat in Telegram.

Powerful Ways To Export Telegram Members

We have fully explained the types of export methods to you. Carefully read the following methods and choose the most suitable one for you.

   Export Telegram Members TO A CSV File

  • First, open your Telegram app on your Mac or PC
  • Go to Telegram settings.
  • Find the “Advanced” option and tap on it
  • Then you have to select the Export Telegram Data option
  • At this point, you will be asked what information you want to export. You must select a contact list
  • Finally, tap the option to export the link in HTML format.

All your Telegram contacts are saved as CSV files and you can implement them in another channel or group.

       Export Telegram Channel Members As HTML File

This is another practical and simple way to export and store contacts in your channel. Pay attention to do this you need all your member’s numbers.

  • As before, open Telegram on your Mac or PC and go to its settings
  • As you can see there are different options that you should select the “Advanced” option
  • Then tap “Export Telegram Data”
  • If you want to export members, you must select the Contacts option
  • The information is stored at the end of the file HTML file.

As you can see, all the steps are the same as before and only the storage location is different.

How To Export Telegram Group Members

In order to export your group members, you need to have their contact numbers. So first ask all of them to send you their contact number and then issue the information about your members along with their contact number using one of the two methods mentioned above.

There is no obligation in choosing members. That means you do not have to select all of them and you can select the members you like.

Export Telegram Group Members To Excel

Storing member information on Excel is one of the most useful methods that you can quickly access this information whenever you want. The steps of this method are described below

  • If you want to export your channel or group members, first get their contact number
  • Convert member information to a JSON file
  • Next, move the JSON file information to a CSV file and save it
  • Now it’s time to transfer the CSV file information to excel

How To Import Telegram Group Members

In order to be able to import the information stored on one type of file to another group, you must follow the steps below:

  • First, install Telethon and log in Select a group to add members.
  • Ask the admin of the desired group to enter the add mode.
  • Send the saved members to the selected group

How To Export Telegram Group Members Python

Information stored on file types will not be readable unless you use Python. First, you need to install Python so that you can read and use the information by implementing and entering it.

The Importance Of Export Telegram Members For Businesses

Members in each group are the only factor that makes the channel admin or group have enough motivation to produce content. The only common goal that all channel owners and groups strive for is to attract members.

The members of each channel are proprietary, so it is important to maintain them. Imagine setting up a channel for your small business and selling your handmade products. After months of effort, you have been able to attract enough members.

 what are the best ways to export Telegram members?

But Telegram becomes inaccessible for some reason and you lose all your members. But if you have used one of the export methods, you can import all your members in another application such as WhatsApp without any worries and keep in touch with them.

As you can see, issuing members in Telegram channels and groups is not something that was neglected, because irreparable losses will occur in the event of a problem.

More Benefits Of Exporting Members

The popular Telegram messenger with the ability to export all kinds of information such as members has made all users safely continue to use this network and have happy moments with their friends and family members. Here are the most important export factors:

  • Easy access to member notifications without the need for internet
  • Do not lose your members if the Telegram is filtered or blocked
  • Keep the members you want to keep in touch with forever
  • To prevent possible events such as deleting an account or deleting incorrect information
  • Move your members to any other group you want

Can Exported Members Use In Other Groups?

Of course, you can import the members you have saved on the file to any other account or group on this site. There is also the ability to transfer these members to a group on WhatsApp.

As you can see, in this article we talked about export Telegram members completely and answered all your questions such as how to export Telegram group members or what are the best ways to export Telegram members?

After reading this article, you will not have to worry about losing your members, and you will export your members with the help of one of the methods. If you need more guidance about export Telegram members, you can contact our experts on the site buy-followers.shop website.

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