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The thing that a large number of Instagram users look for all the time is how to find someone’s comment on Instagram. Since Instagram has developed greatly in the past few years, finding information about other people and your customers can help you. Today in this article, Adsmember team is going to tell you about the ways by which you can find others’ comments on Instagram.

Why should we find others’ comments in Instagram?

How To Find Someone’s Comment On Instagram?

As far as you are concerned, monitoring other people’s activity is no longer available on Instagram. Since there were too many complaints about it, Instagram decided to remove this feature. In other words, you were able to find people’s comments on Instagram easier in the past.

Yet there are some methods that you can use for finding others’ comments. The first one, which seems to be more time taking, is to do it manually. You have to find the posts that a specific person has liked or seen. Then, read the comments on that post and keep looking for his/her comment.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, that method is quite hard and time consuming. There is also another thing that you can try. But in this method, you have to use the web version of Instagram on your computer or laptop. To do so, you have to follow the instructions:

  1. The first thing to do is to open Instagram on your laptop.
  2. Then, log in to your account, if you already have one.
  3. If you have not created any account before, you can simply do it by the use of your Email.
  4. Then, you should find the post which its comments you want to check.
  5. Once you open the comments, you have to press ctrl+F.
  6. Now, type the username whose comments you want to monitor.
  7. When you press Enter, his/her comments will appear on the screen.

That is all you have to do in order to check someone’s comments on Instagram. it might seem to be pretty challenging at first. But once you follow the instructions, you will realize that it is quite simple.

Why Should We Find Others’ Comments In Instagram?

So far, we have figured out what to do in order to find a person’s comments. But you might be wondering why we should do this in the first place? What is the point in that? How is checking others’ comments going to help us develop our pages? Let me tell you about it.

There are several reasons why users are struggling to find people’s comments may we want to pin a comment on Instagram. Another group of people who are interested in doing this is parents. Parents are usually concerned about their kids’ activities on social media. That is why they believe that monitoring children can help them to make sure they are safe. Because of this reason, parents are always looking for a way to monitor their kids.

Another group of people are those who want to develop their business. Since a lot of business owners use Instagram for developing their businesses, this feature can help them a lot. For instance, they can check their loyal customers’ comments. In this case, they can find out more about their interests. Therefore, they will have better ideas for creating content and engaging their customers.

These are some of the most important reasons why people would like to check comments on Instagram. If you use Instagram for your business purposes as well, it is strongly suggested to get the most out of this feature.

How can we make sure our comments are not monitored?

Was It Possible To Check Comments Easier In The Past?

As I said in the first paragraphs, it was much easier to check others’ comments in Instagram in the past. But there were too many complaints about it. So, Instagram decided to remove that feature for increasing the level of users’ privacy on this social networking site.

You used to be able to check people’s activity on Instagram. All you had to do was to move on to the recent activities tab. In that part, not only you could monitor your own activity, but also, you could see other people’s. For example, if someone liked a post, you were notified about it. Or if someone comments on someone’s post, you could easily find out about it.

In fact, this feature had its own advantages and disadvantages. It allowed you to monitor other people and gain more information about their interests. But on the other hand, it also sabotaged their privacy and security. As a result, Instagram removed this feature forever. It seemed that the disadvantages of this feature outweighed its advantages in general.

How Can We Make Sure Our Comments Are Not Monitored?

As we taught you in this article, other people can check your comments as well. In other words, it is not just you who can get use of this method. Other people are also able to monitor you.

The thing you can do is to hide your comments from some people. If you do not want specific people to see your comments, you can hide it from them. For doing this, you have to move on to settings. It can be accessed on your profile. In settings section, there are different categories. You have to choose privacy. In this section, you can find an option which is used for hiding your comments.

You should enter those people who you do not want them to read your comments. Once you activate this feature, your comments will be hidden from them. So, you do not have to worry about it.

To sum up

As you know, Instagram has become very popular during the past few years. One of the most popular things that can be done on Instagram is to find other people’s comment in Instagram. This way, you can learn more about your friends, family and even strangers. There are certain methods you can use for checking others’ comments. Today in this article, we taught you how to do it.

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