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One of the most commonly asked questions on Instagram is about how to fix Instagram story not uploading? Instagram users sometimes have difficulties uploading their stories and may face by this error Upload Failed. There are several reasons that cause this problem and some solutions that can be hired. Adsmember team is going to tell you what to do for fixing not uploading stories on Instagram.

How to fix Instagram story not uploading?

Why Can’t I Upload Stories On Instagram?

You know that Instagram stories are one of te best geatures of this app. Followers can increase the number of viewers by using gifs on Instagram story, but in a day you may face a problem like cant to upload a story. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are several things that may cause this issue. One of these reasons is related to your internet connection. When your internet connection is poor, it would be quite difficult to upload photos and videos on Instagram.

Another reason might be because the content you are sharing is against Instagram’s guidelines and policies. There are some restrictions on the type of content you want to share on this platform. Since Instagram has to guarantee its users’ privacy and safety, they have decided to set some restrictions on certain kinds of photos and videos.

Another reason might be because your cell phone is so full that it is not able to deal with uploading anymore. This usually occurs when the memory is full. In this case, the speed of general performance comes down. Therefore, uploading things seems to be impossible.

These are some of the most important reasons why people have problems posting photos and videos on Instagram. There are, of course, more things that can cause problems. But things mentioned in this paragraph are considered to be the most essential ones.

What if I want to cancel uploading a story?

How To Fix Instagram Story Not Uploading? Top 10 

So far, we have realized what the reasons of this error are. We talked about different occasions in which you may have problems uploading things. But right now, we are going to see what actions wee need to take in order to overcome this problem.

There are several things you can do for solving this problem. Some of them might be more effective. But the point is that before taking any actions, you need to find out why this error has occurred.

  1. The first thing you can do is to make sure you have powerful internet connection.

    How to fix network connection for instagram

  2. Make sure your content is not against Instagram communities.

  3. Another thing to do is to close the app and open it once again.

  4. Stop uploading the story and do it again from the top.

  5. Try freeing up more space on your memory.
    How to have more free up space on the phone?

  6. Restarting your phone might be effective as well.

  7. Make sure you are using the latest version of Instagram.

  8. You can also reinstall Instagram.

  9. Try restarting your mobile data.

  10. Log out of your account and log in again.

These are some of the most effective things you can do for fixing the problem. If you are having trouble uploading photos and videos, make sure you try one of these methods.

What Happens When This Error Occurs?

Now, you might be wondering what exactly happens when this error takes place? Does your Instagram stop working at all? Will you be able to post stories ever again? Let me tell you about it.

When you face this error, uploading stories will be disabled for you. You may not be able to post things on your story for a short time. It is also worth mentioning that the story which is being posted at that time will not continue being published. So, when this error happens, your story section stops working. do not be worry you can edit Instagram story and then share it again.

But some people wonder if they can ever post stories again or not. I would have to tell you that you do not need to worry about it. Because as mentioned before, this problem can be overcome. There are certain methods that you can use for solving it. So, it does not mean that stories will never be available for you again.

How to fix Instagram story not uploading?

How Long Can’t I Post Anything?

Another question which is commonly asked about this issue is about the duration of this error. People keep asking questions about how long they are not able to share things on their stories.

Well, in fact, there is no exact time for it. It depends on how long it takes to get fixed and what the problem is. If your internet connection is poor, it will be uploaded as soon as you fix it. All you have to do is to connect to another internet and then the problem will be solved.

If the Instagram servers are down, there is pretty much nothing you can do. All you can do is to wait for the servers to ger repaired. If the content is not appropriate, it is unlikely to get fixed at all. Because you are not able to share that type of content on Instagram. Therefore, it cannot be said that this problem will be fixed in a certain amount of time.

What If I Want To Cancel Uploading A Story?

Sometimes, people regret sharing things on their stories before it is completely uploaded. That is why they wonder what they should to in order to cancel that. The good thing is that you can cancel uploading a story before it is posted.

All you have to do is to open your Instagram. Go to your story and delete it before it is uploaded. This way, people will not be able to see it anymore. But if you want to cancel uploading a post, it is a little bit more challenging.

In this case, there is no button for canceling it. Even turning off your mobile data will not stop it. But there is another trick that you can get help of. If you ever wanted to cancel uploading a post, you have to turn on airplane mode. This way, a notification will appear on the screen. It asks you if you would like to postpone uploading the post to another time in the future. Confirm it and if will be canceled.

What if I want to cancel uploading a story?

To sum up

One of the most commonly asked questions about Instagram is how to fix the problem of uploading stories. There are several things that cause this problem, as well as several solutions about how you can fix Instagram stories that are not uploading. In this article, we taught you what action to take in order to overcome this problem.

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