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One of the most commonly asked questions about Instagram is how to hide number of likes on Instagram. In fact, one of the most popular features of Instagram among people is the one by which you can hide the number of likes on your posts. Adsmember team is going to tell you everything about it in this article.

Why do people like to hide the number of likes on their posts?

What Is Hiding Instagram Likes?

Previously  we talked about how to hide Instagram account from search. Now it is time to know the other Instagram features which is hide the number of likes. As far as you are concerned, Instagram has become widely popular during the past few years. That is why it has been trying to add new and more practical features in each update. This way, Instagram can make sure that more and more people start to spend time on it.

One of these recently-added features is hiding likes on Instagram. In fact, it has proved to be deadly popular among Instagram users. As you can guess from the name, this feature will hide the number of likes on your posts. In other words, other people will no longer be able to see how many likes you have on your posts.

If you have ever used Instagram before, you might already know that you can see the number of likes and views on a post by tapping on the word like. But once you activate this feature, people will not be able to see the number of likes and views even by tapping on like button.

Why Do People Like To Hide The Number Of Likes On Instagram?

As mentioned in previous paragraphs, this feature has gained great popularity among people. But the question that might be brought up for you is that why this feature has been so successful? What is the point in hiding the number of likes? What happens when I do this? Let me tell you about it.

There are several reasons why people are really interested in this feature. One of the most important reasons is that they would like to have more privacy on social media. Some people do not feel confident enough with sharing the number of likes on their posts. They do not want other people to find out about this number. That is why they do not hesitate to activate this feature and hide the number of likes on their posts.

Another reason is that they want other people to focus on the content rather than the number of likes. Usually, when a person visits a post, the first thing they notice is the number of likes. In other words, this number plays the roll of a distraction. It does not let people concentrate fully on the photo or the video being shared. So, people prefer to hide that number in order to make people focus more on the content.

The third reason is that when you turn off the number of likes on your posts, people can have different engagements with your posts. They will not be distracted by the number of likes anymore. Therefore, they try to pay attention to other things. For example, the number of comments, captions, hashtags, locations and so on and so forth. As a result, turning this feature on can benefit you greatly.

How to hide the number of likes on my Instagram?

How To Hide The Number Of Likes On My Instagram?

So far, we have realized why some people would like to turn off the number of likes on Instagram. But right now, it is time to learn how to do so. So, keep reading this article more carefully.

  1. As always, the first thing to do is to install it. Since Instagram is compatible with almost all kinds of devices, you will not have problems finding the installation package.
  2. Secondly, you have to log in to your account, if you already have one. If you have not created any account yet, you can simply do it by the use of your Email.
  3. Once you open Instagram, you can see some icons on the bottom. They are related to your profile, home page, recent activities and etc. Move on to your profile.
  4. In this part, you can see a three-line icon on the top right corner of the screen. Tap on that.
  5. In the opened page, you should be looking for settings. Open settings and continue.
  6. Once you open settings, you should search (by the use of search field on top) for posts.
  7. In this part, you should look for an option called likes and views.
  8. When you found it, you have to toggle it on.

That is all you have to do to turn off the number of likes on your posts. At first, it might seem to be pretty challenging, but once you follow the instructions in this article, you will realize that doing so is much easier than what you had imagined.

How to unhide the number of likes on Instagram posts?

How To Unhide The Number Of Likes On Instagram Posts?

We have already learned how to hide the number of likes in this social network  in previous paragraphs. But another commonly asked question is how to unhide Instagram likes? What if I regret hiding them and want to bring them back? If I hide the number of likes on my posts, are they going to be gone forever? Of course not.

You should always keep in mind that you can unhide the number of likes anytime you want. So, you do not have to worry about it. If you want to unhide the number of likes, you have to open Instagram and go to the setting once again. Find the hiding option and this time, toggle it off.

Once you turn off this feature, the number of your likes will be visible again. That is all you need to do in order to bring back the number of likes. So, go out there, use it and enjoy.

To sum up

As far as you know, Instagram has become so popular during the past decade. That is why it has added too many useful features. One of them is the one by which you can turn off the like counting on your posts. A lot of people have liked this feature, because it allows them to have more privacy, as well as deriving more attention to other parts such as commenting and captions.

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