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Many users regret joining the Telegram because they do not want anyone to have access to their contact number. Maybe these users do not know that they can still be a member of this program by hiding the contact number.
That is why we have prepared this article to be a comprehensive guide for users who want to hide their phone number on Telegram to avoid the annoyance of anonymous users of the groups. Be with adsmember, the tricks in this article will be useful for you.

How To Hide Phone Number on Telegram? Top 3 Tricks

When you create Telegram account your phone number is visible for all contacts but both Android orĀ  iOS user, can hide their number from users.

You can hide your contact number from all Telegram users, or make sure only your contacts can see your contact number. How to do this is described below.

How To Hide Telegram Phone Number? Top 3 Tricks

Hide phone number on ios or android:

According to this instruction, your contact number will be hidden from all users, both those who are your contacts and those who are not your contacts.

how Sometimes you want to make sure only your telegram contacts can see your contact number on ios?

  • Enter the Telegram program.
  • See its settings.
  • Click on the Privacy and Security option.
  • The settings in this section are set by default so that only your audience can see your contact number. To be able to completely hide your phone number from all contacts, you must activate the Nobody check box in the part where the question is asked who can see my contact number.

But you may want to make an exception for some users, what should you do? At the bottom of this page there is an option called Exceptions, select it and add the user you want to that section.

Hide phone number from anonymous users:

Sometimes you want to make sure only your Telegram contacts can see your contact number. This means that only those who have your number and they also have your contact number.

How hide phone number?

  • Go to Telegram settings.
  • Tap the Privacy and Security option.
  • In the section where you are asked who can see my contact number, tap the Contacts option.

In this section, you can still prepare a list of exception users. This means registering the names of users who are on your contact list but do not want them to see your contact number.

Hide phone number only from some users:

You may want your contact number to be confidential, meaning that not only your contacts but also other Telegram users can see it. Is there a way?

Yes, you have to follow this method to make the settings.

  • Open the Telegram app and go to its settings.
  • Click on the Privacy and Security option and set the contact number display mode for everybody.

At the bottom of this section, tap the Exceptions option and enter the names of the users for whom you do not want the contact number to be displayed.

Why Should You Hide Your Phone Number On Telegram?

As I said at the beginning of the article, there is only one way to subscribe to Telegram, and that is to subscribe with your contact number. But for various reasons you may decide to hide your number from all users, some of your contacts, or anyone anonymous.

What Happens After Hiding Telegram Number?

The most common reasons for hiding a contact number on Telegram are:

  • Increase the security of using this program.
  • Avoid disturbing strangers.

What Happens After Hiding Telegram Number?

According to the methods described, you can change the display number of the contact number yourself.

Your contact number will be hidden for some or all of the contacts as you specify. So we can say this is one of the Telegram security features.

Use Virtual Number To Be 100% Safe

If you are very insistent that your contact number will not be shown on Telegram or you want your other contacts not to notice your presence on this app, you can get help from virtual numbers.

This means that you can subscribe to Telegram by having a virtual number so that you do not have to hide it.

Conclusion ?

The high security of Telegram has caused millions of users to join it, always the presence of a large number of thugs provides an opportunity for fraudsters and intruders to harass users.

But do not worry, you must indeed be a member of Telegram by contact number, but you can hide it. This article is the most comprehensive guide to learn the tricks of hiding Telegram numbers. Also you can watch videos on Youtube to learn how to hide your phone number on Telegram from different devices.

Is your Telegram phone number hide?

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