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According to researches by the adsmember team
KuCoin स्टॉप लिमिट ऑर्डर कैसे सेटअप करें $BTC बिटकॉइन डिप डंप क्रैश क्रिप्टो बियर मार्केट DCA रणनीति खरीदें KUCOIN एक्सचेंज: ट्रेडिंग शुल्क पर 10% छूट का आनंद लेने के लिए मेरे रेफरल लिंक के माध्यम से रजिस्टर और ट्रेड करें।

RECON Trader YouTube चैनल की सदस्यता में शामिल हों:

रिकॉन ट्रेडर टेलीग्राम:

रिकॉन ट्रेडर ट्विटर:

वेबसाइट: www.recontrader.com ईमेल: [email protected] #bitcoin #kucoin #cryptotrading #buythedip


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Christopher Clark
Christopher Clark
1 year ago

Great vid Rt

Cari Bee
Cari Bee
1 year ago

Thanks! Very useful!

Rhyne Carter
Rhyne Carter
1 year ago

Totally agree with your analysis here on this podcast. With the markets having more put order executions; situations like this are best hedged with sustainable positions especially bitcoin, as price strongly deviated against its long term mean average. The further it deviates the more momentum for a reversal to the upside. whales are currently in a liquidity grab at the lows. I've had series of trading losses I'd best not mention before being introduced to Mr. Kerry Pickett. His careful guide and employing his Signal for my trades orders has been a great experience as my portfolio took a positive turn to 8 BTC from 2 BTC . Kerry's signal algorithm are based on combinations of unique strategies.

Andrew Cameron
Andrew Cameron
1 year ago


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