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We are here to explain how to activate the Instagram dark mode. Most of us are accustomed to using Instagram for hours before going to bed. But the light of this program is very harmful to our eyes, but by the night mode feature, this problem has also been solved.

You may have experienced activating this feature on other apps you use, but now it is time to activate night mode Instagram. By activating the night mode, not only less pressure is on your eyes, but also your smartphone battery consumption. In the following, we will fully and clearly explain how to activate dark mode Instagram on Android and iPhone devices. Ready for start? Join adsmember.

When Did Instagram Introduce Dark Mode?


Why Was Instagram Night Mode Introduced?

Instagram has become an integral part of the lives of many of us, especially those who have started a business in this program.

To respond to customer concerns, you need to spend many hours in this program, even at night when you are resting in bed.

But too much light on this program puts a lot of pressure on your eyes, and after a while, serious damage is done to your eyes.

But do not worry, with the offering of the Instagram dark which is one of the top Instagram features, you will not have this problem.

If you use Instagram until late at night, safely learn how to activate this mode, activate it on your Instagram, and use Instagram safely.

How To Enable Instagram Dark Mode On Android And ios?

You are used to seeing different Instagram pages at night before going to bed, visiting their new posts, and liking them.

But do you know how much pressure is on your eyes? Activate your mobile night mode as soon as possible.

Select the device through which you are a member of Instagram, and follow the activation steps in order.

How To Use Instagram In Dark Mode With iOS And Android Or Desktop?

  1. Activate night mode on iOS:

Fortunately, all iOS users can activate night mode on their Instagram without any restrictions, how?

  • Update your Instagram app.
  • Log in to Instagram and tap on the three dots at the top right of the screen.
  • Click on ‘Display and brightness’.
  • Go to the Device theme
  • Tap Dark
  • Re-enter the Instagram app, use it for hours, without bothering your eyes.
  1. Activation of night mode in Android

Users who use version 10 of Android can activate the night mode on their Instagram.

  • Update your Instagram.
  • Go to your Instagram settings.
  • Click on Display & Brightness.
  • Well, in this section, you can tap on the dark
    how to activate Instagram dark mode?
  1. Activate Instagram Dark Mode on the desktop

Some users have the Instagram app installed on their desktop, if they want to enable night mode, they must use the Night Mode for the Instagram plugin in the Chrome browser. Want to know how? Follow the guide.

  • Log in to your Chrome browser.
  • Search for Night Mode for the Instagram plugin.
  • Tap Add to Chrome.
  • You must select the Add extension option to display this plugin in your Chrome browser bar.
  • When this plugin is active, its color changes to gray, and you can use the Instagram night mode.
  1. Activate Instagram Dark Mode on older Android

Users who have Android 10 or less on their phone, to activate

But if you have an old Android phone and you want to enable Instagram Dark Mode or you even hate the black theme but you can not disable it, you can use third-party apps like Dark Mode.

Note: If your goal is to make money on Instagram do not forget that by activating this feature, you can reduce the great pressure on your eyes.

What Happens When Night Mode Is Activated?

What Happens When Night Mode Is On?

The question that many users have is whether activating the night mode has any other benefit besides reducing the pressure on the eyes? Our answer is yes. Another important benefit is that your phone’s battery consumption is reduced, so you can use your mobile phone for more hours.


Instagram came out strong from the start and was able to grab the attention of millions, or rather billions of users.

The unique features of this program, such as video and photo sharing, IGTV or Instagram live, made this program a complete collection.

But the place of some features is still empty in this program, and the creators of this program are trying to solve these needs with the updates of this program.

Instagram night mode is one of the most needed features. By activating this feature, you can reduce the pressure on your eyes. How to enable this feature on Android phones, iPhones or desktops is fully explained. If the content of this article was useful to you, send the link to your friends. Is there such this feature on other social networks like facebook?

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