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With the help of the Instagram guide, categorize your posts according to their topic. The Instagram guide is a new feature for better management of large pages. In this article, you will learn from zero to one hundred how to make a guide on Instagram 2021 and Instagram guide feature. For more guidance, you can contact our experts on the adsmember.

Instagram is the most powerful video application for communicating with millions of users. The special features of this program have made it to be used as a way to earn money in addition to the entertainment aspect.

Millions of small and large businesses have the opportunity to be recognized with the help of Instagram and thus earn a living. Instagram also provided special features and services such as stories for the convenience of businesses. But in its latest update, it has provided an Instagram guide.

The Instagram guide is a big revolution in Instagram social media and has caused this social network to double its popularity. With the help of this feature, users can easily find the content they want and no useful content is lost among the mass of posts. In the following, you will read the step-by-step guide to using the guide along with its related tips.

What Is Instagram Guides?

The Instagram guide is a feature that users can view all photos or videos that have a common theme at once. With the help of this feature, users can find the content they need in the fastest possible time.

Before this feature, accessing old content was difficult and time-consuming, and users had to spend a lot of time and energy using previous posts. But with the help of this useful tool, they can access the content they need in the fastest time and easily find it among the many posts on each page.

Learn More About The Efficiency Of Instagram Guide

We will explain the importance of the Instagram guide to you with an example. Imagine a page on Instagram related to cosmetics. The posts on this page are about skin, hair, or nail care products.

A user who intends to use these posts will have to spend a lot of time to be able to find the desired post among the many posts and sometimes may not even succeed.

Learn More About The Efficiency Of Instagram Guide

But if the owner of this page has the help of the Instagram guide, he can categorize all the posts regularly with the same topic so that users can quickly find the post they want. So if you have a business or educational page on Instagram, be sure to get help from this feature so that your followers do not get confused, and you should know that if you want everyone o see your post you should not make your Instagram private.

How To Make A Guide On Instagram?

If you want to categorize your posts with the help of a guide, you can do the following steps step by step:

  • Update your Instagram and log in.
  • Click on the plus icon at the top of the page and select the Guide option.
  • In this step, three options of location, products, and posts are displayed, and you must select one of these titles according to your desired category.
  • After selecting your desired template, tap Next.
  • Select your guide details such as the appropriate title and cover image
  • Tap Done to create your Instagram guide

Get More Familiar With Instagram guides Templates

As we said, posts on the Instagram guide are categorized into three types of products, location, and post, which you can read a brief description of each of them below.

The post title is used to categorize posts with different topics. You can categorize posts that you have already saved or shared.

Product titles are for business pages and help them to explain more about their products. This template is a great tool for brands or businesses that want to provide more product descriptions.

But the last title is the place related to the category of posts that is an explanation or introduction about a specific place, this title is more suitable for tourism pages.

Know More About Instagram Guide Feature

The Instagram guide acts as a help section for users and makes it easy for users to find posts that have related content together. It also increases page engagement and helps to see old posts. Other benefits of the guide are as follows:

  • Categorize Instagram content in a completely professional way
  • The ability for workers to quickly access the content of the pages
  • Ability to view old posts
  • Ability to use other page posts to complete published content

Also, we can say the guide acts as a map for posts. For pages that have a large number of posts related to different topics, the best way to find the desired post among the many of their posts is to use the guide. Without using the guide on these pages causes the audience to get tired and leave the page after searching for a while and not finding the post they want.

Also, this amazing feature makes the page more attractive and satisfies the followers more. It also helps page owners to manage their page well and stay in touch with the custom.

Some Interesting Ideas For An Instagram Guide

Some Interesting Ideas For An Instagram Guide

Naturally, the more creative you are for the posts that are classified in the guide, the higher the views of your posts will be. With the help of the following, you can create charm and creativity in your guideposts:

  • Expressing topics in the form of stories

You can turn your content into a series of related stories and publish it. Connect the posts with the help of storytelling so that they are attractive to the reader and they are eager to see the posts of each guide to the end.

  • General and comprehensive introduction about page services

You can publish the general purpose of your page with brief descriptions in the form of several posts in the Instagram guide. For example, if your page is a business, you can provide descriptions of products, their quality, and price, as well as how to use them.

Using Instagram Guides To Shine In Your Business

The most important goal of Instagram business pages is to attract followers to be better known. To make the best use of this network, these pages must be familiar with all the features of this application and use them.

The guide is a feature that increases the interaction of business pages. It also makes it easier for users to access published content and send it to each other, thereby increasing post traffic and increasing followers.

This feature helps page managers to publish their products along with their descriptions such as how to use each product and its price in the guide so that they no longer need to explain to each user separately.

Why Can’t I Create A Guide On Instagram?

This feature may not be enabled for some users even after the update. This is because, at the beginning of each new feature, Instagram activates it on a trial basis for several users of this network, and then, according to the feedback it receives, gradually allows more users to use it.

The same is true of the Instagram guide, and because a new application has been introduced, it is not active for all users, and since satisfaction with it is very high, this may happen soon.

The Instagram guide is the latest feature provided by this popular application. In this article, we have explained everything you need to know about how to create a guide on Instagram and how to work with it. You can contact our experts for further guidance.

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