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Best Guide For Instagram Photo Size 2022 Title

Best Guide For Instagram Photo Size 2022

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What is the standard of Instagram photo size? Since the content published on Instagram is in the form of photos or videos, it is necessary to know the optimal size of the photos. So that you can create more beautiful photos.

For this reason, this article was written by the adsmember to explain the most appropriate size of Instagram photos and videos.

Join us if you want to know:

  1. What is the best size to post a photo on Instagram?
  2. what is Instagram photo size?
  3. How to get Instagram photos to the desired size?

What is the standard of Instagram photo size?

History Of Instagram Photo Size

Instagram, like other social networks, has its own rules and standards. One of them is to determine a specific Instagram photo size. One of the most important reasons for this decision was to make the overall appearance of this program look more regular and beautiful.

In the early years of Instagram, users could post 1.1-inch photos. Gradually, with the increase in the number of users and the development of the features of this program, the ability to share horizontal and vertical photos was added.

Now that you are reading this article, the photos that are published on Instagram are in the dimensions of 320 to 1080, which is the most desirable Instagram photo size.

In fact, the Instagram app itself brings the photos to the desired Instagram photo size. That is, if the photos are larger, it crops them, and if the photos are smaller, it enlarges them. Instagram photos can now be published in three modes: square, horizontal or vertical, with each template having a different size.

What Is The Instagram Photo Size In Different Templates?

As mentioned above, photos can be published in three different formats. You will get to know them better in the following:

  • In square format:

It was the most basic format of photos published on Instagram. Photos with dimensions of 1080 × 1080 could be published. Although newer templates have been introduced, some users still prefer to use the same template.

Note that if you publish larger size photos in this format, Instagram will crop them to the desired size.

  • In horizontal format:

It is not very common to use this format, because firstly, the image size is 16: 9, which is very small, and secondly, a black border is added next to each photo, which reduces its beauty.

  • In vertical format:

The size of vertical photos should be 1680 x 1080. This template has the most desirable and appropriate size. Publishing photos in this size does not reduce their quality and you can record your favorite photos with all their details.

What Is The Optimal Size Of Instagram Videos?

If you decide to post a video on Instagram, it is better to know that its size is different from the size of the photo.

Videos can also be published in three types: horizontal, vertical, or square, each with its own standard size.

  • Publish video in the square format:

The optimal size for horizontal videos is the same as for horizontal photos, but with a slight difference. Videos that are to be released in a square format must be in 1: 1 size and 1080px by 1080px so that there is no problem in publishing them.

  • Publish video in landscape format:

The horizontal Instagram videos are in the dimensions of 1.91: 1 and 16: 9, which are naturally published in more detail than the square mode.

  • Publish video in portrait mode:

You can have the largest video dimensions in this format. That means high quality videos in 1080px by 1350px. If the video you recorded has a larger size, it will be cut by Instagram to reach the desired dimensions.

what is Instagram photo size?

What Is The Standard Instagram Photo Size In Different Sections Of Instagram?

In the following, you will get acquainted with some Instagram features and the appropriate size of their photos.

Instagram Stories Photo Size

Instagram story is one of those smart and attractive features that is very popular with users. Photos or videos can be published through the story.

But like the posts that are published on Instagram, the photos that should be published in this way must also have a certain size.

The optimal size of Instagram story photos should be 1080*1920. This size is suitable for photos that are published in a square format through Instagram.

Instagram IGTV Photo Size

Are you familiar with Instagram IGTV? Do you know how to buy Instagram IGT services? It is a feature that allows you to share videos that are more than a minute long. If you have used IGTV, you know that videos are broadcast in landscape or portrait mode.

These videos have certain dimensions, ie videos that are in landscape mode in 1920 x 1080 size, and videos that are in portrait mode. They are being published in the size of 1280 x 720.

Instagram Profile Photo Size

Instagram profile photo size One of the challenges that users face is that they will not be able to publish their full profile picture. It must have happened to you that you save a photo for your Instagram profile, but you see that parts of your photo are cropped and not all of them are displayed.

To prevent such a problem from occurring, it is best to resize the image before publishing it. In fact, Instagram profile pictures should be in the dimensions of 320px × 320px Be located.

Instagram landscape photo size

If you search the landscape hashtag, you will find that a large number of photos related to this topic have been published on Instagram. Many of them are of high quality and their image is fully displayed. In fact, these photos are in the standard size which is 1080px by 566px.

How To Increase The Size Of Instagram Photos To The Desired State?

As you can see, every photo or video published in different Instagram formats has different dimensions. Likewise, it is best to resize your image before publishing to prevent it from cropping.

One of the most common ways is to get help from various photo editing software. With the help of this softwares, in addition to editing the photo, you can also change its size.

What Is The Instagram Photo Size In Different Templates?

Why Is It Important To Know The Standard Instagram Photo Size?

If you own a business on Instagram or have a page that has a large number of followers (even if you buy real Instagram followers for increasing the number of your followers), it is better to be aware of the standard Instagram photo size and videos that are shared on this network.

Imagine setting up a page to introduce and sell products on Instagram. You produce good content, you spend hours on it, but still, your posts get little traffic.

You inquire about the reason and see that because you do not know the standard Instagram photo size and videos that should be published in the story or post, your photos and videos are always of poor quality.

For example, images of goods are always incomplete and users can not see the details well. So it is necessary to know the standard size of each template so that you can publish higher quality photos. In general, photos that are published in the right size will receive more views. Another way to get more views is buy Instagram views.

Last Words

Familiarity with the Instagram photo size helps your photos not only have better quality but also receive higher views. In this article, everything you need to know about the Instagram photo size is clearly stated. Knowing this information is essential for improving Instagram’s digital marketing.

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