Telegram has a very useful property that you can have three accounts at the same time. Two personal accounts and one professional account on your Telegram application.

It’s available for both iPhone(iOS)and android. You can have multiple Telegram accounts at the same time; just you need to access your numbers to verify the code from the SMS. without using any other applications to install. Want to know more? Join adsmember.

How To Set Up Multiple Telegram Accounts?

As a Telegram user, you may want to know is it possible to have two Telegram accounts on the same app? Fortunately, our answer is yes. To know how is it possible follow the below guide.

How to set up multiple Telegram Accounts?

First, you need to access those two or more numbers for verifying the SMS code then you have to:

  • Second, you have to open the Telegram applications
  • Then go to the three lines in the upper left corner
  • Click to the add account (it’s under the username)
  • Then a new page will appear
  • In this step, you have to choose the country (country code number)
  • Then you have to write your phone number at the exact place
  • Then an SMS will send to you from the Telegram
  • Put the code in the place then press the tick and it’s done

Once you multiple your Telegram  account whenever you want you can go to the first or second account or third if you like

Have Multiple Telegram Accounts With The Same Number

If your goal is to optimize Telegram channel for business you can set your second account. I’m going to talk about some features that you may not know or you may know but you don’t know how its work so these are some tips about this fantastic program called TELEGRAM.

How to Have Telegram  Accounts With The Same Number?

You may have this question for example can we have two accounts with the same number? To answer this question, I have to say that you can have two or three accounts at the same time on Telegram but not with the same number.

You don’t have to install a second Telegram app or anything else. You just have to access those numbers you want to make an account with them and you need them just for verifying the SMS code to make your account on a second. It’s called multiple Telegram  accounts

Have Multiple Telegram Accounts Without Phone Number

For answers to this question, I have to say that when you want to register on Telegram you have to access a sim card cause all this work can be done through a sim card and it’s just one time to verify the code. After you register you don’t need to put the sim card into your cellphone because Telegram can work through the Wi-Fi internet so receiving the SMS is just for one time.

Keep this point in your mind that if you formatted your phone and you wanted to use Telegram again you need to access the sim card that you used the first time to build your account. You need the SMS verification to activate your account again

Have multiple Telegram Accounts on iPhone(ios)

  • First, open the Telegram application on your phone
  • Then press the setting icon on the bottom-right corner
  • Then press the add account
  • Now you have to write the number for your second account number and do

    multiple accounts telegram8 | AdsMember

For the ios phones, I have to say it again that you can’t use the same number to build two accounts. for each account, you have to use one number

Have Multiple Telegram Account on pc

You can have multiple Telegram accounts on your cellphones just the way we talked now we want to tell you how to have a second or third account on your computer windows but when you install the windows Telegram version you just can have one account on your system now what should we do? if you want to know the answer please pay attention to these points

  • Start your computer and make a new windows user
  • Now copy Telegram data from (C:\Users\OLD_USER\Roaming\Telegram  Desktop) contents to (C:\Users\NEWUSER\Roaming\Telegram  Desktop), make sure not to copy ((tdata)) folder.
  • Now you have to create a new shortcut on your desktop which is

         (“C:\Users\NEW_USER\AppData\Roaming\Telegram  Desktop\Telegram  .exe”).

  • Now you have to open the shortcut as a new user; you can do it like this formula
  • Press Shift + Right-click on the new shortcut, and select Run as a different user. login with the new user is very important

Why Create Multiple Accounts?

By having multiple Telegram accounts you can manage your accounts better and faster. Some other advantages are described below.

  • In many families, there’s only one laptop or one computer so with multiple accounts Telegram property every person in a family can check their accounts easily
  • It’s free without any costs
  • It doesn’t influence the performance of the application
  • Boost Telegram channel


Telegram messenger is so popular around the world. It has many good features rather than other apps like whatsapp that you can use to make your life easier. So in this article, we talked about how to have multiple Telegram accounts. The instruction on how to use it is so simple and brief. You just need to access two or three phone numbers and it’s done. I hope you enjoy this article and get it used.

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