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Today we want to talk about one of the most amazing features of one of the best social networks, how to pin a comment on Instagram? The popularity of Instagram has significantly increased during the past decade. It is said that this social networking site is currently the more popular platform in all parts of the world. There are millions of people using this social media everyday for doing different activities such as learning, entertainment, keeping in touch with friends and so on and so forth.

There are too many reasons for which Instagram is enormously popular. One of these reasons is that it provides you with numerous useful features that makes it easy and enjoyable to share your contents. For example, new features are regularly added to stories.

You can use new things for sharing your stories every other month. If I want to mention another fantastic-new-added feature of Instagram, I would go with Instagram reels. Reels has been added recently, but surprisingly, it has become widely popular among all users.

But today, here on adsmember we are going to discuss about another feature of Instagram that has been probed to be quite practical and interesting. That is pinning a comment on your posts. Yes, that’s right! From now on, you can pin each comment you want on your posts. It means that the comment you pin will be appeared as the first comment on your post. This way you can make sure that everyone gets to read that comment.

In the following line, we are going to be telling you about other advantages of this feature, and also, we will tell you how to use it. So, make sure that you stay with us until the end of this article.

Why should we pin a comment on our posts?

Can We Pin Any Comment On Our Posts?

The first question that might come to your mind is that can we pin any comment on our posts? The answer is no. You can only pin other people’s comments. In other words, you cannot pin your own comments on your posts.

This can be considered as one of the biggest disadvantages of this Instagram features. As far as you are concerned, there are too many bloggers nowadays who are creating and sharing content on Instagram and pinning their own comments could give them the chance to do lots of creative stuff. But despite the fact that pinning your own comment could be quite practical, Instagram does not allow you to do that. it is also worth mentioning that Instagram has never shared the reason of this.

Why Should We Pin A Comment On Our Posts?

Pinning a comment on Instagram provides you the opportunity to level up your posts. This feature can be used for different purposes. For instance, if someone comments a very important piece of information on your post, you can easily pin that comments.

This way, you can make sure that everyone who sees your post will notice that comment. Because when you pin a comment on Instagram, that comments will be shown as the first comment on your post. We can say one of the most important reasons is to manage Instagram comments.

As I told you before, you cannot pin your own comments. But if you want to do so, you can use a trick. All you need to do is to create another Instagram page or log into it if you already have one. Then, try commenting something on your post by your other account. Then you can log back into your first account and pin it. By using this trick, you can pin whatever you want on your posts.

How To Pin A Comment On Instagram?

So far, we have gotten familiar with the importance of pinning a comment on Instagram. But right now, I am going to teach you how to pin a comment on Instagram. It might seem a little bit challenging at first, but in fact, it can be done very simply.

The first thing you need to do is to select the comment you want to pin. Then, you can either swipe it to left or tap on it. Now, some options are visible to you. One of them (which has a sign of a trash bin) is used for deleting a comment. Another option is used for replying to someone’s comment.

But there is also another icon which has a sign of a pin. This icon is used for pinning a comment on your post. Tap on it and that comment will be pinned immediately.

But let me tell you something very important. You can only pin three comments at a time. It means pinning more than three comments at the same time is not possible. So, if you have already pinned three comments and you want to pin another one, first, you need to unpin one the pinned comments. You can easily do this by tapping on the pinned comment and select the unpin option.

How to pin a comment on Instagram?

Can We Pin A Comment In The Live Video?

As mentioned before, This app has added several attractive features in its latest updates. So right now, not only you can pin a comment on your posts, but also, you can pin a message in your live videos.

 You might also find this feature pretty useful. Because sometimes you need to announce something in your live video and you want everyone to be aware of that. It can be quite challenging to keep repeating that message while you are live. And typing that message over and over again can be very overwhelming. That is why pinning a message in your live video can help you quite often.

How To Pin A Message In Live Videos?

Pinning a message in your live video is as easy as a pie. All you need to do is to type something in your live video and send it. Then, you should tap on that message. After that, you can see an option which is related to pinning a message in your live video.

By pinning a message in your live video, you can make sure that everyone will notice what you wanted them to know. This can be helpful when you are running a live video for informing your followers about something important. Another thing is that you can also unpin that message. Again, all you need to do is to tap on the pinned message and select the unpin option. Then, the pinned message will be easily unpinned.

To Sum Up?

Instagram has added too many useful features in its recent updates. One of these features is pinning a comment on Instagram and pinning a message in your live video. You can pin comments and messages to make sure that all users can notice that piece of information. If you use Instagram for business purposes, this feature can help you in different occasions.

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