Yesterday I wanted to post my birthday photos on my Instagram page and no matter how hard I tried, I was warned that you could not access this feature.

At that moment, I shook my phone in anger but I suddenly saw a new page open on my Instagram.

A message was displayed with this topic, what is your problem?

I wrote the problem in detail and then sent it.

Then I realized that this feature called Rage Shake is one of the newest Instagram features that has been added in recent updates.

Now I want to tell you more about it. Be with adsmember.

How Can Report Instagram Problems By Rage Shake Feature?

How Can Report Instagram Problems By Rage Shake Feature?

Problems like not posting a story, not playing video audio, or problems like this are always annoying.

Users had no way of reporting these problems until a video was uploaded to their official Instagram page.

In this video, the head of Instagram announced that a new feature has been added to this program.

Adam Mosseri states that as soon as users encounter a problem on Instagram, they can report the problem by shaking their phone.

He called this feature effective for fixing Instagram bugs and asked users to send a report to help perfect the app.

Did you like the rage shake feature?


Perhaps Instagram is popular in that it tries to fix bugs in this app, and offers features that are useful to users.

Rage Shake is one of the newest and most attractive Instagram features to check and fix users’ problems in the fastest time.

What do you expect from this program? You can comment on your suggestions by visiting the main page of Instagram to be considered.

This is one of the most effective ways to increase the efficiency of this program.

Did you like the rage shake feature? Leave us your comments about this feature.

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