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One of the most practical and popular things you can do on Instagram is to react Instagram messages. This feature has been available on Instagram for a long time. You have been able to do this since several years ago. But this feature has been updated several times during the past few years. Adsmember team is going to tell you more about this feature today in this article.

Instagram emoji reactions for direct messages

how To React Instagram Messages With Emojis Android?

Before you learned how to reply to a specific message on Instagram. But now we are talking about how to react Instagram messages. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are too many people out there who react on others’ messages. This can be a more useful and time saving way of communicating with others. One of the most important reasons why this feature is so popular is that you can have a variety of options.

But the first question that might be brought up for you is how to do it? How can I react to others’ messages? What actions should I take in order to complete this task? Let me tell you about it.

  1. Install Instagram
  2. Log in to your account, if you already have one.
  3. If you do not have any account, sign up by the use of your Email.
  4. Once you launch Instagram, you have to open your direct messages.
  5. Open the one in which you want to show reactions.
  6. Find the specific message you want to react on.
  7. Double tap on that for liking it.
  8. You can also tap and hold your finger on the message.
  9. Then, a list of emojis on Instagram will appear on the screen.
  10. Choose one of them and it will be done.

That is all you have to do in order to show reactions on people’s messages. It might seem to be quite challenging at first, because you are not familiar with that. But once you follow the instructions given in this article, you will find out that it is easier than what you had expected.

Can I use any emoji I want to react instagram messages?

Instagram Emoji Reactions For Direct Messages

So far, we have figured out how to use emoji reactions for direct messages. But you might be wondering what these reactions are. How do they work? What difference do they make? What is the point in using them?

In fact, these reactions are miniaturized emojis. You can use them to show your reactions to others’ messages. When you are in shortage of time, or if you are too tired to type something, you can use them. As you read in the previous paragraph, they are too simple to use.

When you react on someone’s message, the emoji will appear on their texts. So, you can react on any message you like. Once you do that, a very small emoji will be set on the bottom part of their text. So, they can find out what your reaction to their messages was.

Can I Use Any Emoji To React Instagram Messages?

Another question which is commonly asked about Instagram reactions is about the type of emojis. People keep asking if they are able to use any kind of emoji they want or not. Well, let me tell you about it.

To tell the truth, you cannot use any emoji you want, though there have been many complaints about that. When you decide to show reactions to someone’s texts, there is a limited range of emojis you can use.

A lot of people were looking for their desired and favorite emojis for showing reactions. But unfortunately, they were not able to find them in the list. That is why they were not totally satisfied with this feature.

Hopefully, Instagram will add more emojis to this feature. They can also remove the restrictions on using emojis for reactions. This can be easily done by doing a bit programming. This way, they can make sure that more and more people use these reactions and they are completely satisfied with them.

Instagram emoji reactions for direct messages not working 2022

Instagram Emoji Reactions For Direct Messages Not Working 2022

As I said before, reactions have become so popular during the past few months. But an obstacle which a lot of people face is that they cannot use them. Some people are not able to use these emojis for showing reactions. Right now, I am going to tell you a little but about the things you can do to solve this issue.

The first thing you should be considering is to update your Instagram to the latest version. If you are using older versions of Instagram, you may not be able to use these reactions. So, head to Google Play or App Store and update your Instagram as soon as possible.

Sometimes, you cannot use reactions because there is a bug on your Instagram. In this case, you can easily reset the application. Close the program and launch it again. If you did this and yet you were not able to use them, you can delete and install the application. This is also another effective method for solving the problem.

In some cases, it has been reported that some smart phones do not support this feature. If you are using an old device, you might not be able to take advantage of these emojis. So, you must be thinking of changing your cell phone and get a new one.

Finally, if you did all the things mentioned and could not use them, you should know that these reactions are not available in some regions. You might not be able to show reactions in some countries. In this case, there is pretty much nothing you can do about it.

To sum up

Instagram reactions have become so popular among Instagram users. They are small emojis that are used to show your reactions to others’ messages without typing anything. That is why people have liked this feature so much. You can easily use these limited emojis to express how you feel toward what people have told you. Since you do not have to write words, it will save you up a lot of time chatting with others.

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