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How To Recover Deleted Telegram Posts In 1 Minute

How To Recover Deleted Telegram Posts In 1 Minute

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Do you know how to recover deleted Telegram posts? As a Telegram user, you may sometimes need to return photos or videos that you have previously posted, but you may not know how. Telegram has thousands of amazing features. Do not worry, we have reviewed all the methods and we will show you what the result is in this article provided by the adsmember.

Join us if you want to know:

  1. How to recover deleted Telegram posts in a short time?
  2. How to recover deleted photos in Telegram?

The Importance Of Recover Deleted Telegram Posts

Telegram is a program consisting of millions of users. Using this program has become a habit because this program has been able to play an important role in the business of users.

Users who have expanded their business on this social network are well aware that user interaction is very important. This interaction is created by responding to their chats.

But sometimes a channel or group has a lot of followers and some messages may be deleted by mistake.

Mistakes like deleting chats and posts unintentionally are very sad and in many cases irreparable, but sometimes there is a way to get them back.

Therefore, you should be familiar with the methods of restoring them to use them when a problem occurs.

The Importance Of Recover Deleted Telegram Posts


Which Telegram Posts Can Be Recovered?

In this part, you will find out recover deleted Telegram posts is suitable for what kinds of posts. All Telegram information can be returned, but each of them has its method. That is, photos, videos, chats, and even gifts that you have in this program can be returned.

To restore any of them, you can refer to the Telegram file that is in the memory of your phone. You will see that there are several folders with the names Telegram Photo, Telegram Video, Telegram Audio.

In addition to this method, there are other ways to recover these posts, which you will be fully acquainted with it the following. Sometimes you delete posts that get lots of views, this problem can be solved if you post it again and buy Telegram views for that.

How To Recover Deleted Telegram Posts?

If for any reason you need to restore your deleted posts, you can use the following methods.

  • Using the Telegram folder in order to recover deleted Telegram posts

Each time you install the Telegram app on your phone, a file called the Telegram folder is created on your phone memory card. All photos, videos, and even audio that you download in this program are stored in this folder.

Whenever you need to reuse one of the posts or videos you have downloaded in the past, you can refer to this file, and find the image or video you want.

  • Using the cache folder in order to recover deleted Telegram posts

The cache is a folder where all the downloaded content in your Telegram application is stored and hidden. To access the information in it, you can follow the instructions below:

  • Browse the files in your phone memory.
  • Select the org.Telegram folder.
  • Then open the cache folder.

All the images that you deleted after downloading them are saved here.

  • With the help of Android EaseUS software

If your phone’s operating system is Android, you can use this method. Software called Android EaseUS lets you restore all the information you need.

  • Use the iKeyMonitor app in order to recover deleted Telegram posts

Do you want to restore all your deleted Telegram messages? If you have such a goal, you can use the iKeyMonitor program.

The method is to create a free account after downloading this program. Then you can restore any information you need with its help.

  • Recover deleted information using Notification History

If you want to access messages deleted in Telegram, use the Notification History program. If your phone’s operating system is Android, you must first download this app from notification history.

Then let the app access your information and select the notification histories you want to re-access.

  • Use EaseUS software

Another application that allows you to restore deleted posts is EaseUS Android data recovery. Note that this program can only be used for users whose operating system is Android.

To use this program you must:

  • Download this app.
  • Then connect your phone to the computer (this is not possible without using the computer)
  • Upload the software.
  • Click on the START option.
  • At this stage, all the information of your Telegram application that has been deleted (except chats) will be checked and displayed.

You can select the posts you want to restore, click on them to select the Recover option.

Is There Another Way To Recover Deleted Telegram Posts?


Is There Another Way To Recover Deleted Telegram Posts?

So far, you are familiar with some methods and software that help to restore your Telegram information. Although these methods can be used, if your information is important, you can use another method called exporting Telegram information.

With this method, you can save all your Telegram information such as chat, photos, and videos on a memory card, to use whenever you need.

If you want to have a backup you can use this method:

Save Telegram Information With The Help Of Google Chrome

If you want to use this feature, you must open your Chrome browser. Then search for the address (https://web.Telegram.org. Your Telegram account will be displayed. Click on any data you want to back up.

After that, select the Start option to begin backing up your data. This way you can back up all your data and no longer worry about losing your data.

How To Recover Deleted Telegram Posts on Telegram Channel?

Telegram always has a special surprise for its users. One of the recent surprises of this program is that it has created an opportunity for you to regain access to your deleted channel posts.

If you want to know how this can be done, follow the steps below.

  • Open your Telegram app.
  • Go to the desired channel.
  • Go to its settings and tap Recent Actions.
  • If you have deleted the post, it can be seen in this section.
  • Tap it and select the copy option.
  • Then you can upload it wherever you want.
    Who Needs To Recover Deleted Telegram Posts?

Who Needs To Recover Deleted Telegram Posts?

It may happen to anyone who accidentally deletes one of the images or videos they need. But for some users, it is more important.

Imagine expanding your business on Telegram, sharing lots of posts about your products, but for some reason, all of those images are suddenly deleted.

Since all your capital depends on the business you have in Telegram, you need to return this information.

Concluding Remarks On Recover Deleted Telegram Posts

Telegram is a program that plays an important role in our lives. We use it daily to transfer all kinds of data. Sometimes some of this information is important and you need to always have access to it.

That’s why this information is stored in parts of your phone’s memory so that it can be restored.

This article is written to introduce the ways to recover deleted Telegram posts and is the most complete guide to know how to recover your deleted Telegram posts. So read this article to never worry about losing your Telegram information.

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