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One of the best features that has been added to Instagram lately is the one by which you can reply to a specific message on Instagram. In fact, this feature was not available in the past. It has been added to Instagram in one of its latest updates. Adsmember team is going to briefly introduce this feature to you in this article.

How can I reply on specific messages in Instagram?

What Is Replying On Specific Messages?

As mentioned before, one of the most entertaining things that you can do on Instagram is to chat with your friends. This way, you can easily talk to them regardless of where you are or what time it is. But Instagram has added a new feature to this area recently which has proved to be practical.

From now on, you are able to reply on specific messages while chatting with others. At first sight, it might seem to be something very simple. In fact, that is partially right. Because this feature has already been available on other platforms and it is not a unique feature.

But the point is that this replying on specific messages did not use to be available on Instagram before. A lot of people used to complain about that. Because they were not able to reply on each other’s messages. It was said that not being able to reply on messages drove them up the wall.

But Instagram decided to add this feature in one of its recent updates. It is really excellent for those who want to do advertise on Instagram and make money. Therefore, you can reply on any message your friends send you and share you comment with them on that specific message. A lot of users have announced that this feature has helped them to enjoy spending time on Instagram even more.

reply on specific messages in Instagram

How Can I Reply To A Specific Messages On Instagram?

So far, we have realized what replying to specific messages is and why people have appreciated this feature so much. But right now, we are going to see what has to be done in order to take advantage of this feature.

  1. The first thing you have to do is to install Instagram on your device. Since this application is compatible with almost all kinds of devices, you will not have problems doing that.
  2. Then, you have to log in to your account, if you already have one.
  3. If you have not created any account on this platform yet, you can simply do that by the use of your Email.
  4. Once you open Instagram, you should open someone’s chat. For doing so, you should use the icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  5. When you tap on that icon, you can see the list of people to whom you have chatted with.
  6. Open one of those chats. If you want to talk to someone that you have never chatted with, you can find their profile and send them a direct message from their profile.
  7. Once you start chatting with them, you can reply on their messages. In this part, you should wait for them to send you a text, photo, video, post, story or anything.
  8. Then tap on their message and hold your finger.
  9. Some options will appear on the screen. Choose reply and write your message on that text.

This is all you have to do for replying to other people’s messages. It may seem to be challenging at first, but once you follow the instructions in this article, you will see that it is actually very easy even when you want to post on Instagram from pc.

how to reply to instagram messages

What Activities Can Be Done On Instagram?

As far as you know, there is a very wide variety of things that can be done on Instagram. This variety has made more and more people start using Instagram every day. Because you cannot get bored easily when there are too many different things that you can do on this platform.

One the most interesting and entertaining things that you can do on Instagram is to share your moments with your friends and family. This way, you can make sure that they are aware of what you do and what you have been up to.

You can also watch countless content on this social networking site. It does not matter what field you are interested in. You can find any topic you like on Instagram. It ranges from lifestyle and daily routine to sports and news and so on. You can visit other people’s posts and fill your free time.

And last but not least, one of the most popular things to do on Instagram is to chat with others. You can start chatting with people you already know or even strangers. This application provides you with a lovely and relaxing environment to chat with others.

To sum up

As you know, Instagram has become so popular around the world. One of the reasons why this social media is really famous these days is that it has attractive features. One of these features is replying to other’s messages. From now on you can reply to other people’s specific messages while chatting with them.

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