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Scam label is the only way to identify Telegram defrauder.

It must have happened to you that you received a message from an anonymous contact.

If the message was sent by a fraudster, you should not only block it but also report it to Telegram for verification.

The security of the Telegram app has always been and is important, which is why many businesses have not been able to make money by buy Telegram members.

Telegram’s business capability has caused many people to misuse this position.

To never fall into the trap of Telegram scammers, you need to read this article which is written by adsmember.com.

How Can You Repost Scammers On Telegram

What Is The Telegram Scam Label?

It is a label to identify Telegram scammers.

When an account is reported more than once by users, Telegram puts the Scam tag next to the account name.

In this case, whenever this account sends a message to users, users will find out before reading the text that this person is a scammer.

As a result, the desired account is both blocked and reported.

Scammers usually use the following methods to defraud.

Fake products:

A message will be sent to you that contains this text: This product is discounted by a large percentage, buy it now.

This message is tempting for anyone and you may be eager to tap on the purchase link.

After registering your card information, you will receive a message with the title that your card information is incorrect.

Unfortunately, your card information is engraved.

To prevent such incidents, do not open or reply to anonymous messages in any way.

Also, note that you do not easily enter your account information on any site.


Telegram bots are very popular and useful.

That’s why fraudsters take advantage of this situation and steal your account information by designing bots that can help transfer money, for example.

So know that there are no bots to transfer money.

How Can You Report Scammers On Telegram?

How Can You Report Scammers On Telegram?

You can secure your Telegram account by using the following methods.

  • Enter the chat page with the desired account.
  • Tap the three dots at the top of the chat screen.
  • Select the Account Report option.
  • Three options are displayed and you must select the reason for the report.
    How Can You Repost Scammers On Telegram

Why Scam Label Feature Was Created?

Since Telegram was developed as a secure messenger and seeks to maintain this position.

In addition, as thousands of businesses have expanded on this app by buy Telegram views, it is imperative that their security be maintained.

To avoid any inconvenience, the Telegram Reporting feature is provided, and when the number of reports of a loan increase, the Scam label is placed next to its name.

So it can be said that this feature is to maintain the security of users and identify infringing accounts.

Conclusion Of Scam label

Although Telegram is a secure application especially by having secret chat feature, there is no guarantee that users’ account information will be 100% secure.

For this reason, Telegram has provided the ability to identify fraudulent accounts.

This article gives you everything you need to know about Scam Label and is the best guide to how to identify and report Telegram scammers.

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