Telegram’s secret chat feature is a special surprise for users who are looking for more security. Although Telegram is a secure messaging service, it offers a feature called chat secret for greater user satisfaction.

If you want to know more about this feature, join us to read this article which is written by the to find the answers to these questions:

  1. Is Telegram’s chat secret secret?
  2. How long does a chat secret last in Telegram?
  3. How to create a chat secret on Telegram?

Brief Introduction About Secret Chat And Its Use

Chat Secret is different from regular chat, that is, it has features that make it superior and different from regular chat. As its name suggests, one of its advantages is its high security.

Although Telegram is secure and messages are moved in a secure environment, some users are still worried that someone will gain access to Telegram information and their messages. That’s why a chat secret feature was introduced to remove these concerns.

Using this feature is possible for all those who have installed the original version of this program on their phone. If you want to know how to create a secret chat, read the rest of the article.

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1. Is Telegram's secret chat secret?

How To Create A Secret Chat On Telegram?

If Telegram is installed on your phone, choose one of the following methods to activate this feature:

Direct access:

  • Log in to your Telegram app and go to its settings.
  • There is an option called New Chat Secret, tap on it.
  • Now you need to select the contact you want to chat with.
  • Your chat secret starts and you can send any content this way.

Indirect access:

  • After logging in to Telegram, tap the username with which you want to start your chat.
  • Tap the user information at the top of the chat screen.
  • Select the Start Secret Chat option and tap OK.
  • Your chat page has now been secretly changed from normal and you can start your conversation.

Why Secret chat Is More Secure?

Messages are moved in an end-to-end way in Telegram’s chat secret. This means that all information is passed between users in the form of special codes, that no one can access, except the two users present on the chat page.

These messages are not stored anywhere, even in the Telegram app. Therefore, they can not be returned at all after the end of the chat.

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How long does a secret chat last in Telegram?

What Are The Features Of Telegram Secret Chat?

To use this feature, it is better to get acquainted with its features and know why this feature is superior.

Telegram chat secret is secure because:

  • Determine the duration of the message display

It may be interesting to know that in Telegram chat secret, you can specify how long messages are displayed.

For example, you can specify that messages be deleted 10 seconds after the start of the chat.

To activate this feature, you have to tap on the name of the user you are chatting with and select the Self-Destruct Time option.

  • Its messages are not forwarded anywhere

Neither of the two users hidden on the chat page can transfer a message from this page to others. Of course, it is possible to forward messages from other channels or groups to the chat page, but vice versa is not possible.

  • Receive a message when taking a screenshot

One of the concerns of users who use regular Telegram chat is that they cannot find out if anyone has taken a screenshot of the chat page with them or not.

But the good news is that in Telegram’s chat secret, a solution has been found for this problem. This means that as soon as the user you are chatting with takes a screenshot of the chat page, a message titled Took a Screen Shot will be sent to you.

  • Encrypt messages:

In Telegram chat secret, messages are sent in encrypted form. This means that nowhere, even the Telegram servers themselves can be read, and as soon as the chat is over, they will be gone forever.

When Can You Use Secret Chat?

There is no specific rule for using this feature, which means you can start your secret conversation whenever you want.

But there are times when using a chat secret is more important:

  • Protecting your information is very important.
  • Looking to completely delete conversations after the chat.
  • You do not trust the user you are chatting with.
  • You do not want to take screenshots of your messages.
  • And in general, whenever you feel the need for a safer space to talk.

Is The Secret Chat Feature Applicable On All Devices?

A strange thing is that chat secret can not be used on all devices. Enabling this feature is only possible on Android phones or iPhones. This means that in the computer versions of Telegram, there is no option for using secret chat. If you want to use this feature, be sure to use the original version that is installed on your phone.
How To Start A Secret Chat On Telegram?[2 Best Ways]

How To Exit The Secret Chat Page?

You can end your secret conversation whenever you want. The following steps show you how to do this.

  • On the same chat screen, tap the three dots at the top of the screen.
  • Select the “delete chat” option.
  • After deleting the chat, all transmitted information is lost, hence
  • A message is displayed, are you sure?
  • If your decision is final, tap delete the chat option to end this conversation.

Comparison Of Normal Chat And Secret Chat

Today’s world is great in terms of the tools needed to expand communication. Because various programs and social networks are offered.

As you can see, Telegram is also at a high level through which you can convey any kind of message.

Telegram messages are sent either on a regular chat page or on a private chat page.

The following results are obtained by comparing the two:

  • chat  Secret is more secure than regular chat.
  • Unlike normal chat, you cannot re-access messages in a chat secret.
  • Messages are transmitted encrypted in a chat secret.

Additional Tips For The Validity Of Secret Chat

Some time ago, a Telegram user described a sad memory. He said that the information on the chat page with one of his friends had been misused and that there had been problems. Problems like this cause users to doubt the security of this program, and Telegram may even lose a large number of users after a while.

But this program is at the highest level in the world and it is important to maintain this position. Therefore, it is looking for a solution to satisfy users.

Chat Secret can be considered an exceptional achievement of Telegram, a feature that, in addition to providing security, invites more users to use this program. So use this feature safely and without any worries and send your most secrets through it.

Last Words

Security in virtual networks and the Internet is very important. Because sometimes users send information that is necessary to maintain their security. That’s why all social networks are looking to build trust in users in various ways, which Telegram has done so far among its other competitors.

The purpose of this article is to acquaint users with the secret feature of Telegram chat because the user who is a member of Telegram must be familiar with different parts of this program. If you still do not know what secret chat is and when it is used, we recommend reading this article.

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