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The send voice message feature in Telegram is one of the best tools for when we do not have enough time to type text.

According to users, the ability to send voice in Telegram is one of the top advantages of this program, which increases the speed of users.

Since many businesses are developed by buy Telegram members and have a large number of real customers, they do not have enough time to respond to messages.

But sending voice messages has solved this problem.

adsmember Provides more accurate and comprehensive information about this interesting feature of Telegram. Join us.

Why  Telegram Voice Message Feature Is Important?

The more time passes, the more important time saving becomes.

This means that users are looking to get things done as quickly as possible.

For this reason, various social networks were developed first, which met many of the needs of users.

People were able to send a variety of files and messages to each other quickly and hold their online meetings in the fastest time.

But still, this connection could be formed faster.

It was here that the ability to send voice message to a variety of messengers, including the Telegram, was introduced.

Users were able to send each other voice messages in the fastest time and boosting their business with the help of buy Telegram views.

Here we want to answer how to send or download a voice message.

How To Send Voice Message In Telegram?



How To Send Voice Message In Telegram?

Whenever you do not have enough time, or your message was too long, it is best to use the Telegram voice feature.

Do you know how?

There are two different ways.

Just follow the below instructions step by step.

Send voice message by touching the microphone icon


Send voice message by touching the microphone icon

  • Entered the Telegram messenger.
  • Select the user you want.
  • At the bottom of the chat, there is a microphone icon.
  • Press and hold your finger on it.
  • Note that touching the microphone icon starts your voice recording, and continues as long as your finger is on the microphone.
  • An audio message will be sent immediately after you lift your finger.
  • You can easily send voice message to each other.

Not only for a specific user but also in the types of groups you are a member of, you can send voice messages in the same way.

Send voice message without touching the microphone icon

Another surprise is that you can send voice messages without touching the microphone.

Eager to know how? Follow the steps because.

  • Go to your Telegram settings and enable the Raise to Speak option.
  • Then go to the chat page where you want to send voice message.
  • Then hold the phone next to your ear.
  • Note that when you hold the phone to your ear, you should feel a vibration in your phone, which indicates that the Telegram is ready to record a voice message.
  • After recording, you can send it.

If you regret sending it, you can also tap on the trash can icon to cancel sending it.

In addition to sending a voice message, you can also receive it.

How To Download Telegram Voice Message?

  • Just tap on any of the voice messages you have received.
  • The desired audio starts downloading immediately.
  • After the download is complete, tap it again to play.
  • You can easily download and listen to any type of audio file.

But the more interesting point is that each of the Telegram voice messages that are downloaded is automatically saved on the phone.

The map of access to saved audio files is as follows:

  • First, go to settings and then your phone’s internal storage.
  • Open the Telegram messenger file.
  • Select the Telegram Audio folder.
  • You can see the history of all the audio files you have sent or received here, which you can delete or keep.How To Disable Telegram Voice Message Feature On Android Or iPhone?

How To Disable Telegram Voice Message Feature On Android Or iPhone?

Because the voice recorder is located next to icon of send media in Telegram and is activated quickly with the slightest touch, sometimes unsolicited Telegram voice messages may be sent.

To prevent this, you can disable Telegram voice recording.

This deactivation can be done by using the following steps.

Disable Telegram voice message on Android:

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Then go to the Applications section and select the Applications manager option.
  • You will see a list of applications installed on your phone, find the Telegram application, and select it.
  • You will be taken to a new page called Permissions.
  • You can enable or disable all types of access to your Telegram application in this section.

Select the Telegram voice message option and disable it.

Disable Telegram voice message on iPhone:

  • After you go to your phone settings, touch the Privacy option.
  • Select the Microphone option.
  • A new page will open displaying a list of applications whose microphones are active.
  • Find the Telegram app, and turn off the microphone.

Frequently Questions About Telegram Voice Message

Telegram always cares about the convenience of its users and strives to provide everything that satisfies them.

After Telegram bots, it can be said that the ability to send voice in Telegram is also very important for Telegram businesses.

Here are some other important questions about this feature.

How Can I Listen To Voice Messages On Telegram?

Just tap on each voice message to hear it. The file is downloaded and played quickly.

Why Can’t I Send Voice Messages On Telegram?

If you are unable to send voice messages, this option is likely to be disabled for you.

You can enable the ability to send voice messages in Telegram from the settings and then the programs installed on the phone.

Is It Safe To Send A Telegram Voice Message?

If you have any doubts about the security of the Telegram app, we must say that it is not 100% but to a large extent, this app is secure.

But since voice messages are also stored on your recipient’s phone, it cannot be said that sending voice messages is completely safe.

How To Save Voice Message On Desktop?

Users who have Telegram installed on their desktop should use another way to store voice messages.

Tap on the voice message and select the option to save it.

Select where to save the voice message, then click the Save option.

Concluding Remarks

The ability to send voice messages is the best tool for all users, especially those who have a business on Telegram.

Because these people can respond to their customers quickly with the help of voice messages, without wasting time.

If you have not used this feature yet, you should know that it is a very useful tool, so be sure to try it.

adsmember is not only in providing Telegram services, but also in guiding the users of this network, and teaching them how to use the capabilities of this program.

This article was also a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about Telegram voice messages.

Read this helpful article and recommend it to others. Do you use the Telegram voice feature? Leave us a comment.

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