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What Does The Squid Game Series About?

5 Pure Ideas for Using Squid Game to Grow Instagram Business

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Have you seen the Squid Game series? Even if you have not seen it, you have probably heard its name. Because this series is at the top of the best-selling series in the world so that it has surprised all its previous competitors.

In this article, which is written by the adsmember we will make a small analysis of this series and explain its role in the growth of Instagram businesses.

What you are reading in this text is:

  1. What is the summary of the Squid Game series?
  2. What impact has this series had on the Instagram business?
  3. What jobs have been created after the series became popular?
  4. What is the impact of this series on sell services on Instagram?

Be with us.

Have you seen the Squid Game series?

The Role Of Instagram In Increasing The Popularity Of Trending Topics

Instagram is a medium in which the content that is published is either a photo or a video that has a great impact on attracting the audience. Instagram blogger and influencers play important roles on Instagram.

In addition, Instagram is one of the most important sources of information on the latest world news and important topics. That is, it is enough for music or series to become popular, thousands of different posts about it are produced in this network in the shortest time.

If businesses can take advantage of this unique position, they can gain a large number of followers, and buy real Instagram followers will be helpful for growing your follower’s number. But what is this special situation? Addressing a topic that has become trendy on Instagram.

And one of the topics that are currently at the forefront of the network’s news is Squid Game, which we are going to talk about in terms of its impact on the Instagram business.

What Does The Squid Game Series About?

Squid Game is a South Korean survival drama television series streaming on Netflix. Humans are always looking to improve their living conditions. But this issue is expressed differently in this series. This series narrates a group of people who, due to extreme poverty, have no motivation to live and nothing to lose.

Until they are suddenly faced with an exciting offer. All of these people consider this offer a miracle for the transformation of their lives and they welcome it well.

Do you know what this tempting offer is? Participate in a tough and exhausting competition that will result in death if you fail. A group game is set to feature 456 different people, each with some form of extreme poverty.

But the sad thing about this story is that even though they know only one person wins the game, 456 people are fighting for 38 million $.

What Does The Squid Game Series About?

The Positive Impact Of This Series On The Growth Of An Instagram Business

In my opinion, watch this series again whenever you do not have enough motivation to continue living and working. This series shows that even at the height of despair, one can create hope and strive to achieve it.

This series can be considered an incentive for newly established businesses. Many users, when they decide to start their business on Instagram, check the pages of their competitors and regret it.

Because they say that it is difficult to compete with these people and it takes a long time to reach their level. That is why they do not start their Instagram business at all.

But it is better to behave like the people who participated in the contest in this series. Because even though they knew that the probability of their death was very high, they still did not lag behind the competition.

Watching this series encourages start-ups enough to never be afraid of competition, and always thinks of success, even if the probability is 1%.

5 Pure Ideas To Start A Business With The Help Of Squid Game

An interesting point is that whenever a series becomes popular among the people, the behavior of the actors, their type of dialect, and even their style of dress are common among the people for a long time.

This series has also been able to be effective. This means that many of the games that should have been played during the match have become trendy. Here are some of them:

  • The number on the back of the card

In one of the episodes of this series, an 8-digit number is inserted on one of the cards. This mysterious number was written without prior planning, but now it has created a big challenge.

Many fans of this series call this number, a number that belongs to a man. He receives about 4,000 calls a day.

The interesting thing is that this issue has become so popular that the owner has received very tempting offers to buy this issue.

How To Use Squid Game Series In Instagram Ads?

  • Dalguna Candy

Another game that took place in the competition was making some kind of candy. The main challenge was to get the designed candies out of the mold slowly, without being damaged.

Now, this candy has become very popular so that it has become one of the best-selling candies in the world.

As you can see, getting ideas from what is being said in this series can be very lucrative. With a little creativity, you can earn money from other games and details of this series.

What is the summary of the Squid Game series?

Business on Instagram with the help of Squid Game:

  • Printing the images of the actors of this series on all kinds of T-shirts can become a lucrative industry.
  • Making and selling sweets and candies of this series on an Instagram page
  • Making the popular doll of this series and selling it on Instagram
  • Designing all kinds of accessories related to children and teenagers and printing the roles of the actors of this series or popular dolls on them (for example, making all kinds of watches, bedside lamps)

how you can get help from Squid Game to grow your Instagram business

How To Use Squid Game Series In Instagram Ads?

If you want to make your business known and popular quickly, you can use trend series such as Squid Game. But you may ask, how is this possible? Here are some examples:

  • Use Instagram hashtags:

Do you know what a hashtag is and what it does? Hashtags help make Instagram posts more visible, so how much better to use hashtags that are the most trendy in the world.

Now that Squid Game is very popular, you can give a brief description of the games in this series in one of your posts, and then use its trendy hashtags.

  • Holding various competitions:

Instagram contests are one of the best ways to increase followers. The more creative these competitions are, the more audience they can attract.

A great suggestion is to simulate the matches in this game on your page and invite a large audience to participate in the contest with the help of hashtags related to this series.

The Impact Of Squid Games On Instagram Businesses

A business is successful in talking about current world affairs. That is, be aware of the news of the day and talk about it artistically.

Just look at your Instagram Explorer. You must see several posts about Squid Game. This shows the popularity of this game.

Some Instagram pages have been able to use this opportunity artistically. That is, they have taken ideas from different topics of this series and have used them creatively in producing content.

If you are also planning to publish Squid Game-centric content, consider the following:

  • Choose an attractive cover for your desired post.
  • Make an attractive poster and inform your Instagram story a few hours before the post is published to excite users.
  • The content you publish is about Squid Game.
  • Write compelling captions that encourage users to comment & buy Instagram comments.
  • Use hashtags that are relevant and appropriate to this game.

Final words

Squid Game has managed to set a historical record and become the best-selling and most popular series in the world. If you want to know what this game is about and how you can get help from Squid Game to grow your Instagram business, be sure to read this article.

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