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According to researches by the adsmember team
Exciting for us little guys! Want to join Stake on my team? 1.Buy Stake (PCS site or $Stake) 2. Use Pizgatti Crew Buddy address: 0x5b4184f5e307bec30c568FCcA07377f8e6de88Db 3. Drop your $Stake referral links and resources below if you want to participate and join me on this journey, but obviously, any crypto can be high risk and this IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. You should do your own research on all protocols, contracts, and programs. These programs are not dependent on referrals but we all earn more and have less taxes or fees if we are in a team, so why not? Drip Garden: STAKE: Drip: Piggy Bank: EMP.Money: Garden Strategy and Calculator: DRIP Garden Viewer: Formula Finance Viewer: My DRIP Garden Spreadsheet with Decay and Compounding Estimation (watch the video linked below first if you don’t haven’t used it yet): Telegram to chat with me:


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The Analyst
The Analyst
1 year ago

18% tax!! No thanks.

1 year ago

Nice intro Mat….must be busy 15% slippage on pancake swap for stake wow…also to any one investing make sure to buy a minimum of 10 Stake….as that's the requirement, sorry if you mentioned that….and also ensure you click start on the landing page, otherwise when you try and deposit your stake nothing happens :p

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