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Telegram live location

Lately, Telegram released a new update and it has a lot of new options and every day telegram fans are becoming more and more.
One of the best updates is the telegram live location so as you know before telegram live location we could send location on telegram but this one is different! I’m pretty sure that you have been in a situation that you needed to tell and send someone your exact location and the exact place that you are, with this update you are able to do more things.
Telegram has two options for sending location one of them is ordinary location sending:

Telegram simple location

In telegram simple location sending you are able to send a location from everywhere in a map that you want or your exact location and it doesn’t move if you go from your location to somewhere else.

Telegram live location

In telegram live location mode you can send a location with a timer and this location will show your exact location until the timer gets off it means when the timer is on and you are going somewhere and you send a person your live location he or she can see where you’re going and where you are in a moment but there is an option for when you Accidentally choose a wrong timer and you wanna change or you wanna stop it I will tell you How to send a telegram location and how to stop it.

How to send a telegram live location?

•At first get sure your phone has “allowed access” for location
•get connected to the internet
•enter telegram and tap this option to send telegram live location

•now tap a location to send telegram live location

*First it will ask you if you allow access to the location

•in the next step tap share my live location to send a telegram live location

•now you should choose how long do you want your contact to see your telegram live location

For example if you choose eight hours your contact can see where you are and where you are going for the next eight hours and after eight hours it will be off and stopped.

Imagine you want to stop telegram live location and you chose the time wrong how would you do that?
How to turn off the live location?
It’s easy just tap on the location that you send for someone And it has an option down that says “stop sharing location” if you tap option Live location will be off but the person that you said you were location can see The last location that you have been.

It’s easy to send I live location on Telegram and it’s also easy to stop it but if you want to delete it it’s easy too you just should tap that location on hold for some seconds then tap delete and delete for everyone. done!


WHAT DOES Telegram Live location IN TELEGRAM MEAN?

In this Adsmember article, we’re going to show you a way to use the stay area on Telegram, what limits you could region on it, and why you can need to be selective approximately who you share your location information with.


Telegram Live location is nearly similar to the ‘Share Location’ characteristic of Google Maps, which lets users proportion their vicinity in actual time with pals.

Telegram Live Location additionally assists you music your friends and household by tracking them in real-time or a unique period. Of path, it can be time-certain monitoring as nicely.

How to use Telegram Live Location feature?

Without additional ado, check out how you could share your location along with your family (and vice versa) on Telegram.

How to use Telegram Live Location feature?

One differentiator of Telegram live location from different comparable offerings is that it’s no longer on a dedicated map tab or button inside the app. Instead, you have to proportion your area within a chat thread. Like a number of those different offerings, you may place limits on just how long you share your location, from 15 mins up to 8 hours. Here’s how. If you want to know how to change Telegram phone number, click here

  1. Open up the Telegram app and click on a chat thread.
  2. From the message composer, the faucet on the attachment icon (paperclip).
  3. Faucet on vicinity on the lowest row of icons.
  4. Tap send my current location to the percentage in which you are for the time being.
  5. Tap share my live location for… To percentage wherein, you will be for the subsequent period of time.
  6. Study via the device notification disclaimer and faucet good enough.
  7. Read through the location permission, and allow Telegram to get the right of entry to your location.
  8. Pick out how long you desire to share your live location for — either 15 mins, 1 hour, or 8 hours.
  9. Tap share.
    How to revoke Telegram Live Location access?

If your friends their live location with you, you can now set up notifications to have the app provide you with a warning whilst they’re within a positive radius (up to 1/2 a kilometer or more).

You actually tap on their live location tile within the chat and faucet on the notification bell to select at what distance you wish to be notified of their presence. You’ll then see them on the map, together with the direction in which they may be headed.

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How to revoke Telegram Live Location access?

In case you share your location in the Telegram groups, it’s far visible to all inside the organization. Conversely, you’ll be able to see absolutely everyone else within the group’s current places as properly.

There’s a chronic notification bar at the pinnacle of the chat display that lets you know with whom you’re sharing your location so that you recall. Right here’s a way to revoke location sharing.

  1. Tap the X to the right of the Live Location notification from within the chat.
  2. Tap stop.

So in this article of the Adsmember SMM panel, we try to talk about the entire things that are important to know about Telegram live location and how to share it with your friends or family and also we talk about Telegram services like buy Telegram members and views that can help your business and brand on Telegram.

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