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You may have also heard of Telegram premium. It has been recently released and during this short time, it has proved to be widely popular among people. By purchasing Telegram premium account, you will be able to use some feature that are not available to normal users. Adsmember team is going to tell you everything about premium Telegram accounts.

What features does the premium version have?

What Is Telegram Premium?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, this kind of account will enable to use more features. These features have never been available on Telegram and have been added recently. It is also worth mentioning that normal users of Telegram are not able to use them.

As it can be easily guessed, you would have to buy monthly subscription for using Telegram premium version. You can make the purchase in different ways and start using the premium version. At first, you might think that it would cost a fortune to use the premium version. But you just have to pay $4.99 a month to use it.

Once you make the payment and upgrade your account, you can use different features. We are going to discuss the advantages of these features in the following paragraphs.

Does My Account Become Distinguishable?

Some people wonder if there is any difference in the appearance of a premium and a normal account or not. Well, I would have to say that yes, there is. Once you purchase the premium version of Telegram, the appearance of your account will be different from other people.

You might have already seen that on some social networking sites, such as Instagram and Tweeter, some people have blue verifications. This shows that they are either celebrities or special. This feature has been added to Telegram as well.

When you purchase the special account, you will get a star, rather than a blue icon. This star shows that you have purchased the premium account and you are not using the normal one. It will appear next to your username on your profile. This is one of the things you will have access to once you start using premium version.

what are the features of What features does the premium?

What Features Does The Premium Version Have?

As I said before, there are too many new things that you can use once you upgrade your account. One of them is related to the size of the files you upload on this platform.

So by buy virtual number for telegram and creating an account you can use the premium version of this app too. As far you might already know, you can currently upload files as big as 2 gigabits. It can be rarely seen that someone uploads a file as big as that. But sometimes, you may have to upload big files.

You will not be able to upload files bigger than that as long as you are using the normal account. But when you purchase the Telegram premium, you will be able to upload files up to 4 gigabits. In this case, you will not have to worry about uploading bigger files.

Does It Affect Downloading Speed?

Speed plays a significantly important role for internet users. People are always looking for a faster way to get things done. The speed of downloading and uploading content media on Telegram is quite acceptable right now.

But sometimes, some people face some difficulties doing that. They cannot download and upload files fast enough. But they would not have to worry about it anymore.

Because when you upgrade your Telegram account, they speed of downloading and uploading files will increase as well. As you know, there are some restrictions for the internet speed on Telegram. But you will not face those restrictions anymore if you buy the premium account.

What Is Voice Transcript Feature?

This has proved to be the most popular feature of premium version of Telegram. People have appreciated this feature so much and have given extremely positive feedback on that. Now, you might be wondering what this feature is? Well, let me tell you about it.

As the name suggests, this feature will provide transcriptions for the voice messages you send and receive. In other words, the content of the voice message will appear as a plain text underneath.

This way, you can make sure that others will clearly understand what you say, even if they cannot listen to the voice message carefully. It can be effectively used when you want to speak to someone in other languages.

Another advantage of this feature is that if you cannot listen to the voice message, you can read the content. Sometimes, people cannot listen to voice message. Maybe because they are in an important meeting, a class, public places and so on. In these cases, this feature will be to the rescue.

how to use What features does the premium?

  • No ads

As far as you are concerned, Telegram added ads in November 2021. These ads will appear in channels. In fact, there is no way to avoid them. They will be shown to you in channels you visit and are a member of.

But if you have the premium version of Telegram, you can remove these irritating ads. No ad will ever be shown you again. Some people find these ads pretty annoying. They are always looking for a way to remove them.

But as mentioned, if you have a normal account, you cannot remove them. By upgrading your account, you will be able to remove them. So, if you are also interested in not seeing ads anymore, try purchasing premium version.

  • Exclusive stickers

Another thing that you will have access to as soon as you upgrade your account is the exclusive stickers. Stickers are one of the most popular parts if Telegram. There are millions of them out there. Telegram users use these stickers every day in their conversations with friends and family.

But if you but the premium version, you will be able to use more modern and attractive ones. These exclusive stickers are not available to normal users. You can use them in your chats.

Another this is that you can set them on people’s profiles. This will allow you to customize your Telegram even more. If you are keen to do that, purchase the premium version and start using it.

To sum up

As you know, premium version of Telegram has been released recently. Some people have started using it and have given great feedback to that. There are some fabulous features that you cannot use unless you upgrade your account. So, if you would like to be different from normal users, purchase it now.

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