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how to use Telegram x?

What Is Telegram X And How To Use It? 2022 Guide

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Telegram X is a new and wonderful experience for sending messages. After a while, the creators of Telegram introduced Telegram X to send messages faster and easier, which is the same as the original Telegram application. In this article, we want to make you more familiar with this attractive version of Telegram. For more guidance or to purchase any of the Telegram services, you can contact our experts on the adsmember.

At first, Telegram was introduced with its messaging feature, but it can certainly be considered a multi-purpose program that is not unique in messaging but can also be used to send photos, videos, and files. It also has some cool features and services like buy Telegram members that can keep users entertained for hours, but perhaps the most important reason for using this network is its endless security.

If we want to talk about the features and facilities that this program has provided to users for free, we will face many surprises. Because the features provided by this network are so special compared to other social networks that make users do not need to use other programs.

The presence of millions of users in this network and the expansion of digital marketing in it made the creators of this program think about improving the speed of Telegram.

Therefore, it was introduced to allow users to use this application with higher quality and speed, that security and features are quite similar to the original version. Stay tuned for more information on this high-speed program.

A Short Introduction Of Telegram X

It was introduced in 2015 by the main creators of the Telegram web program with the same features, but with higher quality and speed. In addition to being slightly different in general, the two programs are also slightly different in appearance.

Telegram X App Download iOS And Android

All Android, iOS, and desktop users of Telegram can use the Telegram X app without restrictions. Android version users should download this app from the Play Store and iOS users from the App Store.

How to use Telegram x?

Then enter this program and after entering their contact number, enter the confirmation code that will be sent to them. It should be noted that all the steps of installing this program are completely similar to the original version.

Powerful Benefits Of Telegram X App

The main reason for presenting Telegram X is to complete the few weaknesses that Telegram has. In addition to providing the desired speed and security of users, this program also unveiled some new features that you will get acquainted with within the following.

Ability To Preview Chats

One of the most attractive features of Telegram X is that you can read incoming messages without opening the chat page you want. To do this, you need to hold your finger on your favorite chat for a few seconds to display new messages at the top of the conversation list.

Night mode Feature:

For users who use this program at night, it is possible to change the color of this program to a dark state so as not to irritate their eyes. Here is how you can activate this feature:

  • First, open your Telegram app and go to its settings
  • Select the Theme option
  • Then you have to choose the automatic night mode from among the various options
  • If you want this feature to be activated for you at a specific time, then you must select the Scheduled option.

Bubble-Free Display:

One of the attractive features of Telegram X is the removal of the box around the messages, which makes the received text and photo appear in a larger range and make it easier for users to read visual or textual information.

Saved Message:

You must know that one of the features of Telegram is that you can have the desired messages you have received in a folder called saved messages. But all messages, photos, and videos are stored in one place without being separated, and your time is wasted to find the content you are looking for.

This is not the case in Telegram X and the posts are separated. This means that at the top of the page there are options such as messages, media, files, and audio files that make it easier for you to access the stunning information.

Why Should We Use Telegram X?

Here are some reasons for using Telegram X instead of Telegram original app:

Telegram X Is Fast:

Since Telegram users are members of different groups and channels and are in contact with many contacts, a lot of data is transferred in this network, which may cause problems in the speed of messaging in this network. That’s why Telegram X was introduced to allay users’ concerns in this regard

Its Facilities Are More And Better

Telegram X is much better and more attractive than the original version and offers features that

All users of Android, iOS, and the desktop version of Telegram can use it without restrictions.

Telegram X Is An Strange App For All Users

Although in general, using this app is not much different from the original version, but users who are looking for more speed and security and also want to use Telegram with a more attractive and regular appearance, Telegram X is a good suggestion.

But the various businesses that have formed groups or channels in this network, so that their messaging speed is not disturbed and they can respond quickly to their customers’ messages, it is better to use Telegram X.

what is telegram x?

Ability To Use Proxy Telegram X

This app fully supports all types of proxies, so if you are in a country where Telegram is filtered and you need to use this program with a proxy, do not worry about installing it and activating the proxy on Use this program without any restrictions at high speed.

Amazing Features About This APP

If you decide to use this version of Telegram, it is better to know more about its benefits. Some other benefits of this unique program are as follows:

  • New and attractive stickers
  • Categorize chats and voice calls separately
  • Ability to separate files sent in chats
  • Use of unlimited cloud space and permanent access to information
  • Professional and special encryption to enhance the privacy of messages
  • Send messages and media immediately upon receipt
  • Ability to connect even with poor internet
  • Free provision of all facilities

Use Bots To Have A Better Management

Users who are skilled in using the Telegram application are familiar with the types of bots in this program and know how important bots are. However, there may be concerns about the use of these bots in this version and they may think that if they use this program, their access to Telegram bots will be limited.

But the good news is that all kinds of bots can also be activated on this app. To access each of the bots, all you have to do is search for your favorite bot in this program.

By comparing the two programs with each other, it can be concluded that the two are not much different from each other, but if a user is looking for a higher speed, a different appearance can use Telegram X.

In this article, we have explained everything you need to know about Telegram X in full and in detail.

If You want to know if Telegram x messenger is safe to use and ways to Telegram x messenger download read this article carefully. If you need more guidance about this program, our experts on the adsmember  are ready to serve and answer your questions about this site.

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