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Top 7 Types Of Instagram Ads (More Traffic, More Sell)

Top 7 Types Of Instagram Ads (More Traffic, More Sell)

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We want to tell you how to increase the sales of your products with the help of Instagram ads.

The advent of the Internet has transformed human life. Meanwhile, with the expansion of various social networks, this development increased.

Instagram was one of those social networks that were able to attract millions of users in a short time and became known as one of the most attractive programs.

This social network is not only a way to connect with friends but also a great platform for expanding business.

We want to tell you some tips about types of Instagram ads that no one has ever told you.

If you want to grow your business quickly and get the most out of it, you need to be with adsmember.

Why Should You Do Instagram Ads?

We give you the good news that the number of contacts of this social network will soon reach more than one billion people.

What are the benefits of Types Of Instagram Ads?

So it’s better to start your business in it as soon as possible and develop and promote it.

Advertising on this social network is a set of activities that increase the number of followers, increase the number of post views, increase sales of products, and ultimately earn revenue.

There are several ways to advertise your business on Instagram, both paid and free.

You can either use the features provided by this program, such as stories for advertising, or you can use other advertising methods.

What Are The Different Methods Of Advertising On Instagram? ( Top 7 Ways)

Instagram ads are not limited to one or more specific methods. Instead, you can use different methods of advertising with the help of your creativity.

But some of the more common and more efficient ones are described below that by doing them you can have one of the best high paying jobs on Instagram.

  1. Instagram Photo Ads

Because Instagram is a visual medium, photo ads are also more effective.

Of course, a photo alone can not be effective in advertising, and you need to write a creative and attractive caption for it.

You can use a variety of filters to make the photos attractive and write the caption of your post in such a way that the reader is encouraged to buy the product.

  1. Instagram Video Ads

You can post 60-second videos on Instagram and advertise your business.

Video ads have a tremendous impact on customer acquisition and audience growth.

You can use an attractive cover for your video to attract more attention.

  1. Instagram Explore Ads

One effective way to attract a large number of followers and visitors to Instagram posts is to have your posts displayed on Instagram Explorer.

With methods such as buying Instagram followers, you can increase the number of your Instagram followers, access standard Instagram algorithms to display your posts in Explorer.

what are the best methods of Types Of Instagram Ads?

  1. Instagram Carousel Ads

With the help of this method of advertising, you can publish up to 10 photos, videos, or a combination of both of them in the form of posts or stories.

This method of advertising also has a tremendous role in increasing user interaction.

Reputable brands use this advertising method.

Because they can put a link on the photos that users can click on to be directed directly to the shopping page.

  1. Instagram Story Ads

Instagram stories have highly effective in advertising.

Users may not have enough time to view various posts, but surveys show that many of them do not neglect to see Instagram stories.

You can introduce your new products this way, and explain how to use them briefly.

One of the most important benefits of advertising with the help of Instagram stories is that you can post not only photos but also videos.

  1. IGTV ads

Instagram has made it possible to play long-term videos by simulating the method of video advertising on YouTube.

Users can post videos that are between 15 and 60 minutes long with this feature.

The more business activity and the more credibility it has, the longer it will take.

  1. Reels ads

This type of advertising is very similar to the Instagram story.

Each reel has a playback time of 30 seconds, and users can like, comment, post, or even save.

Use this feature if you want to play a short and creative video and promote your product.

By doing all of these methods of ads and using Instagram services like buy Instagram followers you can reach to your goals instantly.

How do Instagram ads?

Why Do Instagram Ads? (Top 5 Benefits)

The most important advantage of Instagram ads is to increase your Instagram business revenue.

But this is not the only advantage, and here are the other benefits of Instagram advertising:

  • Increase target audiences
  • Increase user interaction
  • Increase efficiency and earnings
  • Recognize the brand
  • Increase the number of views of posts


The more communication in the world of the Internet, the more important is to development of business in different social networks.

Every business can be introduced on Instagram, to grow, attract targeted customers, and make money.

In this article, we have tried to introduce all the effective methods of advertising on Instagram, so that you can choose and use the most appropriate one according to your budget.

Instead of all these methods you can promote your business on other social networks like Youtube of Facebook.

In your opinion, which of the methods introduced in this article is the best one?

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