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People usually wonder why they face user not found on Instagram error. They sometimes want to search for someone’s profile on Instagram, but they do not succeed, due to this error. Today in this article, Adsmember team is going to tell you everything about this error. So, make sure you stay with us until the end of this article.

Why it shows user not found on Instagram?

Why Does It Say User Not Found On Instagram?

There are several reasons why you face this error. In other words, there is not just one thing that can cause this trouble. In fact, there are certain occasions in which the user may not be found.

One of the reasons why you may find this error is because when you want to find contacts on Instagram the person who you are looking for may has changed their username. If they change their username, you may not be able to find them anymore on Instagram. Because the username will no longer exist. So, there is no profile to show.

If the username you are searching for has been changed, you may find other people’s profile by searching it. Because once they change the username, it will be available for others to use it. Therefore, it is possible for you to find strangers by searching the same username.

Why It Shows User Not Found On Instagram?

As I mentioned in previous paragraphs, there is not just one thing that might lead to this problem. There are several things that may cause this error. Surely even if you change your Instagram username contacts will not found you.

But there are more reasons. Another one might be because they have blocked you. As far as you know, if you block someone on Instagram, they cannot see your profile anymore. It can be said that your profile and your activity will be hidden from them.

So, if you cannot find someone’s profile on Instagram, maybe they have blocked you. If you want to make sure about this, you can use another account. Log in to another one, search their username and check. If you could see the profile by another account, it means they have blocked you.

But if you could not see the profile, even by the use of another account, you should be looking for the reason somewhere else. So, you do not have to worry about being blocked by them.

Why does user not found on Instagram?

Why Does User Not Found On Instagram?

So far, we have discussed about two important reasons why you cannot find someone’s account. But as I said, there are more things that cause this issue. Let’s see what else can cause user not found.

If you search a username on Instagram and cannot find the profile, the user might have disabled his/her account. Sometimes, people decide to get distance from social media and Instagram. That is why they disable their Instagram account. Once they turn off the account, it cannot be seen anymore.

There are several reasons why people do this. It is usually because tired of social media and they would like to stop spending time on it. It is also common to disable the account when they want to spend more time on studying or working. Because they believe that Instagram is really time consuming. Therefore, they decide to uninstall the application and disable their account for a while.

Why Do I Face User Not Found On Instagram?

There is also one more thing that can cause this error. So far, we have talked about three things that lead to this. But there is also another factor that can be effective.

Sometimes, Instagram decide to suspend someone’s account, because of some reasons. Once an account is suspended, it cannot be seen by Instagram users anymore. So, when you search for it, you will face the user not found error. There are several reasons why Instagram do this that we will talk about it in the following lines.

So, all in all, there are four main reasons why you face this error on Instagram.

  1. They may have changed their username.
  2. You may have been blocked.
  3. They might have disabled their account.
  4. Instagram might have suspended their account.

When you are not able to find someone’s account on Instagram, one of these things must have happened. Otherwise, their account will be visible to you and you can easily find it by searching.

Why do I face user not found on Instagram?

Why Does Instagram Suspend People’s Accounts?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, one reason why you cannot find people’s accounts is that Instagram has suspended them. But the question that might come to your mind is why Instagram suspend them in the first place? What happens next?

Sometimes, people post things on their accounts that are against Instagram’s guidelines. In this case, Instagram warns them first. But if they keep posting those things and not paying attention to warnings, Instagram will suspend them. It means that their account will be removed and they cannot use it anymore.

In some cases, people are able to recover the account by presenting proof and changing the way they behaved. But it is worth mentioning that doing so is not as easy as it sounds.

Another reason why Instagram suspend accounts is because they are reported. If someone’s account is reported for may times, Instagram will analyze the reports and finally, decides to suspend it.

To sum up

As far as you are concerned, sometimes people face different errors on Instagram. One of the most common ones is the one which is related to an account not being found. There are several reasons that might cause this issue. All of these reasons have been completely explained in this article.

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