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According to researches by the adsmember team
Telegram Ad Exchange (untuk membeli/menjual Iklan di saluran Telegram): Berlangganan Telegram kami …


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Telega.io: Telegram Ad Exchange
Telega.io: Telegram Ad Exchange
1 year ago

► Telegram Ad Exchange (to buy/sell Ads on Telegram channels): https://telega.io/?r=54Hcn_Sx
► Subscribe to our Telegram channel: https://t.me/TelegaAdExchange

Telega.io: Telegram Ad Exchange
Telega.io: Telegram Ad Exchange
1 year ago


03:08 What Telegram ads look like
04:49 Why advertise on Telegram, telegram advertising benefits
11:07 What companies can do on Telegram to promote their business
13:58 Case study: How to promote investing channel on Telegram and get new subscribers
15:36 Case study: Promoting media about start-ups and reaching a new audience
16:26 How to get new visitors to a website from Telegram using telegram ads
19:30 Case study: Using telegram marketing to promote a mobile game
25:50 Top 5 types of business to advertise on Telegram
27:20 Rules for effective telegram marketing strategy
34:26 Tool for pushing your telegram advertising to the next level
36:23 Step by step guide on launching your Telegram ads using Telega.io

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